Why are illustrations one of the best forms of art?


Art is one of the best ways to portray or express something in a subtle way. There have been great illustrators who have conveyed so much through a simple painting. Megan Hess illustration does the same as their illustrations are inspired by real-life and are portrayed onto a canvas. They are great to decorate your homes and workplaces to provide you with an aesthetic look as well as a calming effect. Here is why illustrations are better than other forms of art:

Express Something Abstract

If you’re trying to explain a complex notion, illustrating may be your best option. Abstract issues, or those for which precise images aren’t immediately available, may lend themselves better to an illustrated portrayal.

Photographing the interviewee is almost certainly required if the interview is about their business strategy. It’s all about getting a hold of that person and letting them exhibit their character. However, in general, an article on strategy should be much better illustrated to bring a potentially dry subject to life and visualise numerous abstract ideas.

When it is something for which a photograph is not enough

Your vision should not be limited by budget or actual logistics of where and how you may shoot a project. What I love most about illustration is how open-ended it is.

Theoretically, photography can create futuristic, strange, or mythical images, but doing so would be extremely expensive. If realism is a priority, try a middle ground like photomontage illustration or collage, where existing stock assets can be advantageous.

You may construct whatever kind of environment you want if you use the correct illustration style. However, if you’re looking to commission a custom illustration, be sure to provide instructions in your brief that tell the illustrator precisely what you want.

Helps in Storytelling

Even though storytelling has become a trendy buzzword in branding and advertising, a grand narrative can be pretty helpful in engaging customers and conveying a brand’s personality and mission.

There are many ways to use illustration to take people on a journey. You may use it to carry people through the tale of a brand using illustrated scenes or characters, or you can build a more subtle narrative across different touchpoints of the brand.

Mascots or characters don’t have to be cutesy or innocent. They may be a powerful tool for communicating a company’s mindset in a concrete, simply understandable way while also giving limitless opportunities for brand expansion across several platforms.

Illustration can also be used to explain specific procedures or essential topics that are crucial to a company — such as its environmental credentials or educational activities – in an intriguing, eye-catching, and unique manner.

You have things to visualise

The popularity of infographics has skyrocketed in the recent decade, thanks in part to visual sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, which have helped disseminate the most compelling and thought-provoking examples far and wide.

Infographics, at their core, aim to simplify complex information by presenting it in a visual style. A boring spreadsheet or list of numbers may become an eye-catching visual delight with a bit of imagination.

There is little doubt that infographics will be there for a long time, whether to represent company figures in annual reports, give a new viewpoint on a worldwide phenomenon, or simplify a complicated process.

A definitive style should be there

Although the best photographers have their signature styles and approaches to their subjects, the camera always tells the truth. The focus will always be on the subject. While a well-executed photographic campaign might contribute to the coherence of a brand, it will never be as identifiable as a specific artistic style.

There are many ways to use illustration in design, from a multi-platform campaign to a set of images for an event or even a simple brochure. And here’s where it’s critical to choose the proper style, whether you’re hiring a custom drawing or looking through stock photos.

It’s unaffordable to hire a professional photographer and have a full-blown, art-directed photoshoot done for you. However, as the quality and price of cameras improve and the quality of stock images, more and more firms of all sizes can afford decent-quality photography. When used effectively, a Megan Hess illustration may help a company stand out from the competition by emphasising its personality and unique approach.

Author:  Alison Lurie



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