What board games were popular in the early 1900s?

Dices and wooden pieces on a board game

Throughout history, board games have been a feature of the majority of nations and societies. The oldest known board game is Senet, unearthed in Ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 3500 B.C. and involves moving counters around a small gridded board. A new variant of a classic board game is introduced every … Read more

What is a planked wood ceiling?

a wooden ceiling in a rustic house with a table and glassware

There are various types of ceilings, but who doesn’t appreciate solid wood’s natural beauty? There’s just something about the whorls and knots, the grain pattern, and the color variances that appeals to everyone. Wood Ceilings The ceiling can effectively define a room’s aesthetic and, in the instance of a wood ceiling, can elevate … Read more

What Are the Major Types of Commercial Ceilings?

a track parked inside a commercial building with an exposed ceiling

Commercial buildings are frequently enormous, and the ceiling choices available for something huge are often limited. However, if you have a modest commercial space, you have all of the same options as we do in the residential market. The ceiling chosen should provide an inviting feel to the building, be aesthetically pleasing, … Read more

What Is a Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) Ceiling?

the interior and ceiling of a house

Who doesn’t appreciate solid wood’s natural beauty? Something about the grain pattern, with its knots, whorls, and color variations, makes it universally appealing. Plywood, particleboard, strand board, medium-density fiberboard, and other engineered wood products are available for use in manufacturing furniture and other items. People in the modern world are increasingly looking … Read more

What was Used Before Drywall?

Lath Plaster Background

Drywall is everywhere. It’s in your house, office, and every store you visit. It’s sometimes called plasterboard, sheetrock, wallboard, but most often, drywall. Despite the abundance and prevalence of drywall in our everyday sights, only a few know how it was helpful and what was used in homes before this modern innovation. … Read more

Guide to the Shabby Chic Decorating Style

Interior retro room with an armchair

With its delightful vintage charm, harmonious lines, and a calm palette, shabby chic décor is a fantastic design choice if you want to turn your interiors into a whimsical space that’s both elegant and artistic. When done right, shabby chic style offers the perfect balance between looking pulled together but relaxed. The … Read more

Guide to Quartzite Countertops

Domestic kitchen with quartz countertops and chestnut cabinets

If you’re looking into replacing your countertops, you may have struggles deciding what you want. As a homeowner, you want to choose a material that can hold up to years of use and look great. With the many choices out there, it can be hard for you to make a decision. One … Read more

What are the Different Types of Ceiling Finishes and Textures?

A texture on the ceiling being removed

When it comes to renovating the home, everyone gets the chance to be creative and play around with materials and designs to make their house look beautiful and unique. However, among all repairs and renovations, most homeowners forget to take the ceilings into consideration. And even when they do remember their ceiling, … Read more

The Interesting History of Gazebos

A small backyard gazebo

Gazebos can add something special to your outdoor space. As well as it looks great, they also have a fascinating history behind them. Gazebos have been a common fixture in gardens, parks, and outdoor spaces for centuries. Its roofed structure offers a welcoming place to stay to appreciate the open view of … Read more

Ultimate Guide for Home Molding Styles

A home interior with different moldings

Perhaps you can tell the difference between a crown or a cove, or a cornice or a corbel. But many regular people do not. Chances are, we own a home, and we have heard these words, but we might not even know what exactly these things are. Molding is a decorative trim … Read more

What Are the Basic Components of a Roof?

Rooftops on a neighborhood

In the most basic sense, a house is built with four walls and a roof. Of course, this includes numerous rooms, flooring, and intricate roofing in between. But in the simplest sense, you and your household are protected by the roof and its walls. The roof is one of the most essential … Read more

What is Stucco?

An exterior wall with stucco finishing

Though you may not know exactly what stucco is, you have probably seen it before. It’s often used as a finish on houses and buildings, featuring a natural, textured style. With different uses and colors, you can use stucco in the exterior or interior. Here’s what you need to know about stucco. … Read more

vector graphic of a house with a chimney

brick chimney, flowers growing on the chimney

When thinking of roof maintenance, it’s most likely for the chimney not to be a priority. If you regularly use your fireplace or just during the winter season, a clean hearth is crucial in keeping you and your family safe; a neglected hearth could adversely affect your family’s safety, as it can cause house … Read more

Types of Chimneys Every Homeowner Should Know About

outline of a house with a chimney

Today, you’ll probably see most houses have fireplaces and chimneys installed within them to keep them comfortable and warm, particularly in the winter season. A chimney is a tunnel-like channel, which helps disperse or transfer smoke, flue gasses, and heat from fireplaces and stoves into the atmosphere. Chimneys redirect all the unwanted … Read more

Guide to the Major Air Conditioning and Furnace Manufacturers

illustration of an air conditioner

Most homes today are installed with air conditioners and furnaces, which help in keeping the homeowners cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season.An air conditioner is a system used to cool down space by removing heat from the area and moving it outside through ventilation. They are like … Read more

The Interesting History of the Electrician Trade

an electrician fixing wires

An electrician is a tradesman or a skilled worker that specializes in the electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, transmission lines, and other related equipment. They are the ones you hire for installing new electrical components, and as well as for the repair and maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. Aside from that, … Read more

The Interesting History of the HVAC Trade

air conditioning motors on a wall

The HVAC trade or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning we know today are known to be mechanical systems that help people in heating, ventilating, and cooling buildings and homes. It has the goal of providing thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality in different spaces. It is an essential part of residential … Read more

The Interesting History of the Plumbing Trade

person fixing pipes

Plumbing is the system of pipes, fittings, drains, fixtures, and valves installed to distribute potable water for washing, drinking, heating, and as well as waterborne waste removal. Aside from that, it also refers to the skilled trade that installs and maintains it, which is popularly known as plumbers. They are skilled tradespeople … Read more

What are the Different Types of Toilets?

The toilet is one of the essential things found in the bathroom, and if a bathroom doesn’t have a toilet, it shouldn’t even be called a bathroom at all. Most people may be familiar with the kind of toilet that has a circular bowl and a water tank with a fill valve … Read more

The History of Chandeliers

One of the most striking décor items you can have in a room is a chandelier. They’ve been around for over a millennium and still represent elegance and class. There’s nothing like walking into a vast hall that’s lit up with a huge glittering chandelier overhead. Even in smaller rooms, the addition … Read more

Guide to Modern Architectural Style

Modern architecture is the architecture of today. It defines how we live our everyday lives during our present times. It’s characterized by the principles of modern architecture derived from the visions and ideals that the architects of the past – it’s the visual proof of what they envision the modern society to … Read more

Guide to Midcentury Modern Architectural Style

A midcentury modern style home

The popularity of the midcentury modern style is enduring. If you have seen all the pastel-pink sofas and Danish sideboards on social media, it’s proof that midcentury modern décor is still having its moment. Though it’s timeless and sleek, it can quickly make a room appear dated. The key is to prevent … Read more

Guide to Colonial Architectural Style

American history is never complete without its history of colonies. If you know facts about America’s colorful past, perhaps you’re familiar with how colonists came to the country to define themselves as Americans. The Dutch, French, Spanish colonists, and more built their settlements in the US. These colonists brought their own culture … Read more

Guide to French Country Architectural Style

When you think of the French countryside, perhaps you envision bright sunshine on lavender fields. While there are elements that contribute to the French country style, the look is always charming, Old-World, rustic, and welcoming. This style has a warm and casual feel that fits beautifully into your home. It conveys a … Read more

Guide to Tudor Architectural Style

A Tudor style home

If you’re a fan of children’s fairytales and romantic movies, you have most likely seen a Tudor house. This style of architecture first originated during the 15th and 16th centuries. Still, when most homeowners refer to this style, they are talking about the style that was popular during the United States in … Read more

Guide to Ranch Architectural Style

A ranch style home

Just like jazz and cheeseburgers, the ranch architectural style is an art form unique to the United States. This is a mainstay around the country and remains a popular choice for home buyers since the 1920s. The ranch-style home features a low, ground-hugging profile, mostly single-story in character. It’s undeniably an American … Read more

Guide to Mediterranean Architectural Style

A Mediterranean style home exterior

If you’re a fan of a luxury lifestyle, there’s no better home architectural style for you than the Mediterranean. These homes remind people of seaside villas and vacation in Europe. Daydream about the warm sun, refreshing drinks, soft beaches, and bright flavors, and you get a hint of what being in the … Read more

Guide to Craftsman Architectural Style

A Craftsman style home in San Diego

If you’re looking for a home with character and individuality, a Craftsman-style home is what you may be looking for. If you’ve watched an episode of House Hunters, you have probably seen a Craftsman-style home, because many people find it charming and irresistible. This style is popular, and it isn’t going anywhere. Read … Read more

Guide to Cape Cod Architectural Style

A Cape Cod style home

The next time you play Monopoly, look at the little green house you put on Park Place. This game piece that has a steep roof, central chimney, and rectangular shape is a small example of the classic Cape Cod-style home. Cape Cod design is the quintessential American cottage style. Nothing says “home … Read more