Home History and Facts

Evolution of the Modern Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most essential areas of a home. This is where we make ourselves clean by…

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Evolution of Modern Plumbing

In the modern lifestyle that we’re used to today, many of us will find it hard to get through even…

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History of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a solid part of American culture and with several good reasons. They offer an enjoyable and effective…

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Evolution of the Modern Kitchen Appliance

The kitchen is usually touted to be the heart of the home, and we couldn’t agree more. This where we…

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Iconic Houses from Movies and TV Shows

When a movie or a TV show becomes a hit, the locations and sets become as familiar to the viewers…

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History of Roofs and Roofing

To have a roof over our heads means to have shelter, a home, and a general feeling of security. Roofs…

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History and Facts about Carpet

The interior of a home is made up of many different objects that help make it unique and interesting. Of…

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Great American Historical Homes

Every home around the world has a story. And here in the United States, some of these homes have a…

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Classic Home Styles

When you’re shopping for a house, it’s likely that you’re going to have some quick (re-) education on the home…

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The History of Garages

In the 20th century, the world saw some amazing advancements. Along with other variations and innovations, this was also the…

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Introduction to Homesteading

  Homesteading dates back hundreds of years, being characterized by the desire to become self-sufficient. Homesteaders are usually found in…

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The Wonderful History of Tulips

The fascinating tulip’s and its equally fascinating history Tulip, a brightly colored jewel is originally from Kazakhstan whose part was…

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