Should You Consider Having a Mural Painted on Your Ceiling?

Should You Consider Having a Mural Painted on Your Ceiling

Few things add more character and drama to a room than a ceiling mural. It’s not as difficult as you might think— the process is very similar to any wall painting you might do at home— and the results are bound to impress. You must know these things when considering designing your … Read more

Unusual Ideas for Designing Your Ceiling

Unusual Ideas for Designing Your Ceiling

When most people think of ceilings, they envision something flat and white. Some people may even consider popcorn ceilings. Few consider incorporating an unusual ceiling design into their living room or bedroom. The different types of ceilings and designs are pretty much the only thing people consider when decorating their homes, but … Read more

Tips for Designing Spaces for People with Anxiety

An open floor plan interior

Anxiety is an impenetrable emotion that is very difficult to deal with. It’s a distressing feeling of worry, nervousness, and apprehension, and every one in five individuals lives with common anxiety issues. Living with anxiety can be a struggle, and sometimes, the most minor things and thoughts can leave you in a … Read more

Reasons to Add Baseboards in Every Room

Real photo of a green armchair and black lamp standing in a grey living room interior with a white poster and plants in vases

Unless you’ve recently undergone a major renovation, you’ve probably never paid too much attention to baseboards. A frequently overlooked design detail, baseboards play a significant role in making rooms feel polished and protecting walls. But what are baseboards in a house for? Although baseboards add an aesthetic benefit to the space, their … Read more

Sizes of Persian Rugs in a Living Room

a gray sofa set with a brown center table and a rug in a living room

An area rug is the ideal finishing touch for any room in the house. You can use a well-positioned Persian rug or several rugs to define specific living spaces, both practical and beautiful. An area rug can be a true focal point, adding a splash of color or a touch of warmth … Read more

Eco-friendly Dorm Room Essentials for Students

Eco-friendly Dorm Room Essentials for Students

Nowadays, many college students are overwhelmed by all the stress from their education. Some have also had jobs and are developing careers. At the same time, they want to spend time with their family while working on themselves. But steel being green, maintains high on the priority lists of many. You can … Read more

Tips for Making a Room Seem Larger

Image showing a living room with white sofas and walls.

Most rooms with low square footage feel confining and uncomfortable to stay in. However, the key to successful small-space living is simpler than you think: it is all about tricking the eye into perceiving more space. If you, too, own a small space and are sick of how cramped up it feels, … Read more

How to Maintain Your Upholstery

A dark yellow sofa.

Upholstered furniture is the backbone of the interior design of a house. There is nothing better than well-maintained upholstery to add to the look of your house. Why not make sure your furniture always looks as good as new? Maintaining your upholstered furniture might sound like a hectic task, but it is … Read more

Types of Upholstery Fabric to Consider for Your Furniture

Investing in good upholstery fabric ensures quality and reliability. Whatever furniture you have at home, be it a chair or a sofa, it will end up getting used at some point. So why not put your money into good upholstery fabric and convert your basic furniture to furniture full of elegance and … Read more

Tips on Organizing with Baskets

table, basket, fruits, white wall

Using baskets to organize has numerous advantages over other types of containers, such as eliminating visual clutter, making things easier to locate, setting limits, and adding an aesthetic value to your place. So, if you have purchased baskets or were just planning to do so with the intent to use them for … Read more

Interior design tips to make your home stand out

Interior design tips to make your home stand out

A mesmerizing house truly wins you a lot of complements. However, what you must remember is that it takes immense hard work. You first need to perceive how you want your house to look. You need to focus on the interior or exterior of your house to make it look out of a catalogue. When you start a DIY project or get somebody to do it, the finishing … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Carpet

living room with wool carpet

A lot of people prefer to have carpeted floors at home due to their ability to give a cushiony, warm surface underfoot. Carpets also have a lot of benefits, and it is well-suited to certain areas of the house more so than some types of hardwood floors, tiles, or laminate. Carpet flooring … Read more

Choosing the Best Size & Height of Kitchen Pendant Lights

a big kitchen with two pendant lights

Kitchen pendant lights can be the jewelry of the kitchen. Aside from being a decorative light, it is also an important fixture that can help with everyday tasks and a lot more. They come in different forms and decorative styles that can provide great lighting in the kitchen, just like the pendant … Read more

What are the Types of Granite Used in a Home?

kitchen with granite countertops

Granite is believed to be around for more than 200 million years, making it one of the oldest rocks. Today, it is commonly used in the construction industry for decoration and structural components. A lot of people use granite for their tile floors and kitchen countertops. It is perfect for those uses … Read more

The Best Tips for Small Kitchen Design

small kitchen design

Getting the best design for your tiny kitchen is crucial for both a functional and beautiful looking space. In this article, we have curated some great tips on how to design your small kitchen successfully. Note that designing a small kitchen doesn’t mean compromising on style or functionality. With excellent planning, even … Read more

Types of Persian Rugs

An Image Displaying Red Persian Carpet.

Persian rugs specifically refer to those rugs which are weaved in Iran. They are popular all over the world for their uniqueness, striking quality and everlasting features. The magnificence of Persian rugs surpasses all the boundaries, be it social, cultural or geographical. The art of weaving Persian rugs is not just limited … Read more

Rooms to Use a Persian Rug

Persian rug in the living room

There’s no place like home! And when it comes to enhancing your home’s beauty, you spare no effort to decorate it uniquely. We all become a little choosy in trying to get our hands on the best of everything – be it furniture, upholstery, or rugs – for our happy place. Many … Read more

Materials Used in Persian Rugs

a weaver weaving a carpet from a cartoon

The Craftsmanship of Persian Rugs Persian rugs are a work of art. These rugs, also known as Iranian carpets, are a distinct part of Persian culture. Authentic Persian rugs are produced in Iran or Turkey, and it takes years to master the expertise required in the making of hand-knotted carpets. The artisans … Read more

How expensive are Persian Rugs?

Persian rug inside the washroom

Persian rugs are not merely floor-coverings but a piece of artwork done by expert artisans. They are known for their beauty and excellent quality that is long-lasting. Therefore, it is often difficult to place a price-tag on the creativity and hard work that goes into the making of Persian rugs. As a … Read more

History of Persian Rugs

red Persian rugs

Now used as items of luxury that enhance the esthetic outlook of a place, carpets or rugs were initially considered a thing of necessity. These rugs and carpets were woven to help cover the houses of tribesmen. Floors and walls were covered with thick woven carpets or rugs to ward off the … Read more

5 budget-friendly ways you can totally remodel your home

remodel home

We all want our homes to look extraordinary in terms of interior design. But not all of us have the required budget to achieve the elegance we want. In fact, regardless of the class, you belong to, you won’t hesitate to know about some of the secrets that can actually work big … Read more

How to Ensure Your Windows and Doors are High Quality

How to Ensure Your Windows and Doors are High Quality

High-quality windows and doors are important elements of any well-designed house. Choosing and investing in the right type of windows and doors are major decisions. Despite how well you invest in building your house, a badly designed front door and low-quality windows can greatly reduce the value of your property. Moreover, high-quality … Read more

Some Brilliant Patio Table Glass Replacement Ideas

Isn’t it saddening when some of your favorite decorative pieces break? We know what it feels like when your patio table glass breaks. But worry not. We have the best solutions for all your woes so that when next time when you face any glass breakage, you can use our patio table … Read more

Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Many people dream of having a big bathroom that has a separate tub and shower, and a couple of sinks. If you are one of those who do not have the luxury of adding more square footage, and you wish you have a bigger bathroom, don’t fret because there are some things … Read more

Looking To Renovate Your Bathroom? Glass Shelves Is the Way to Go!

Are you planning to modernize your bathroom? Do you want to add an attractive atmosphere that is soothing and relaxing? If so, have you thought about installing glass shelves in your bathroom? A bathroom is incomplete without shelves, which play a huge role in expanding the space available, increasing storage and decoration. … Read more

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Zen

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Zen

After a long, hard day at work, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot bath and soothing away the stress and aches and pains of the day. But if your bathroom is messy and less than stylish, it can be difficult to fully relax. The good news is that you don’t … Read more

5 Ways to Make a Quick and Easy Decor Statement in Your Home

5 Ways to Make a Quick and Easy Decor Statement in Your Home

You don’t need a degree in interior design or hire an interior designer to make your home look stunning. Thanks to the internet and the rising popularity of DIY in the past few years, so many creatives have shared and drawn inspiration from each other’s ideas to add style, beauty, and personality … Read more