Can you Build Your Own Home Bowling Alley?

motion blur of bowling ball and skittles on the playing field

Do you have a big game room at home? Have you thought of constructing or renovating a room with a bowling lane? The only limitations to building a home bowling alley are money and imagination. It’s easy to see why a personalized lane is appealing. The International Bowling Museum recognizes the worldwide … Read more

Learning About Tray Ceilings

Beautiful Tray Ceiling

The appearance of the ceiling is not frequently taken into account when choosing the major design components you want to use in space. However, the texture or shape of the actual ceiling is typically left unadorned, perhaps with the exception of crown molding or striking lighting fixtures. There are more inventive ceiling … Read more

Should You Consider Having a Mural Painted on Your Ceiling?

Should You Consider Having a Mural Painted on Your Ceiling

Few things add more character and drama to a room than a ceiling mural. It’s not as difficult as you might think— the process is very similar to any wall painting you might do at home— and the results are bound to impress. You must know these things when considering designing your … Read more

Unusual Ideas for Designing Your Ceiling

Unusual Ideas for Designing Your Ceiling

When most people think of ceilings, they envision something flat and white. Some people may even consider popcorn ceilings. Few consider incorporating an unusual ceiling design into their living room or bedroom. The different types of ceilings and designs are pretty much the only thing people consider when decorating their homes, but … Read more

Tips for Designing Spaces for People with Anxiety

An open floor plan interior

Anxiety is an impenetrable emotion that is very difficult to deal with. It’s a distressing feeling of worry, nervousness, and apprehension, and every one in five individuals lives with common anxiety issues. Living with anxiety can be a struggle, and sometimes, the most minor things and thoughts can leave you in a … Read more

Reasons to Add Baseboards in Every Room

Real photo of a green armchair and black lamp standing in a grey living room interior with a white poster and plants in vases

Unless you’ve recently undergone a major renovation, you’ve probably never paid too much attention to baseboards. A frequently overlooked design detail, baseboards play a significant role in making rooms feel polished and protecting walls. But what are baseboards in a house for? Although baseboards add an aesthetic benefit to the space, their … Read more

Sizes of Persian Rugs in a Living Room

a gray sofa set with a brown center table and a rug in a living room

An area rug is the ideal finishing touch for any room in the house. You can use a well-positioned Persian rug or several rugs to define specific living spaces, both practical and beautiful. An area rug can be a true focal point, adding a splash of color or a touch of warmth … Read more

Eco-friendly Dorm Room Essentials for Students

Eco-friendly Dorm Room Essentials for Students

Nowadays, many college students are overwhelmed by all the stress from their education. Some have also had jobs and are developing careers. At the same time, they want to spend time with their family while working on themselves. But steel being green, maintains high on the priority lists of many. You can … Read more