Great Looks for Ceilings


When it comes to revamping a home’s interior, a lot of people focus on painting the walls and changing the furniture or accents, but ceilings are often the last to get some love. Most of the time, ceilings are simply painted white by default. But did you know that tricking out your ceiling can change the entire vibe of your room for the better?

Sometimes, designers refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall and it kind of makes sense because not only the four walls in a room should get all the attention as there is one right above your head waiting to express your style. In fact, decorating the ceiling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give a room a face-lift. Aside from that, it is also a great opportunity to fix some of the design flaws of your ceiling.

If you’re looking into upgrading the look of your ceilings at home, here are some of the great looks for ceilings that you can choose from.

Painting the Ceiling

Accent Ceiling

Let’s start with the easiest solution to make a dull ceiling look more interesting, and that is by painting it. Here are some of the different ways on how you can enhance your ceiling’s paint.

Embrace Color

If you want to enhance the look of your ceiling, try to pick a paint color other than white. For example, if you have a lower ceiling, you can go for a pale hue such as sage, peach, or sky blue because these colors can draw the eyes upward and create an illusion of space. For taller ceilings, you can go for deeper hues such as cranberry or eggplant because they can create a cozy feeling.

If you will be enhancing the ceiling of children’s bedrooms, try to choose brighter colors such as turquoise, orange, or bright green to add some fun to the room. But make sure the colors aren’t too bright that it will keep the little ones awake.

Go Faux

faux ceiling house

Aside from a blanket of color that you can apply in the ceiling, there are also some dramatic applications of ceiling paint color schemes which can go a long way when it comes to adding interest to the room.

One is you can do sponging where you use sponges to apply two or more different paint colors. It will leave a soft texture on your ceiling. This ceiling paint method is perfect in a bedroom or bathroom.

Another one is the crackle finish where you apply a crackle glaze over your paint color that will result to an aged appearance. This is great especially if you have shabby-chic furniture at home.

Next is the faux marble or faux leather look which is similar to the crackle finish. It is ideal in any room that lends itself to comforts such as family room, study room, and even hallways. To achieve this look, you need to combine paint and special glazes.  

Last is the textured tone which can give your ceiling a subtle, textured look. You can paint the ceiling with the color scheme you want, then add a layer of glaze. Before the glaze dries, run a comb uniformly through the glaze which will create a tone-on-tone effect.

Accent Ceiling

Just like an accent wall, an accent ceiling with a stand-out color can also add visual interest in a certain room. You can choose a ceiling paint color that will complement the rugs or other elements in the room, making it fit the feel of the rest of the space. It can definitely help influence the mood of a room.

Decorating the Ceiling

Aside from painting the ceiling, there are many other ways to make it look great. Here are other ceiling decorations and designs that will make your ceilings look more fabulous and eye-catching.  

Ceiling Tiles

It’s great to decorate ceilings with tiles especially in the basement because they allow instant access to leaky pipes and as well as damaged wiring. Plus, it is also very easy to install compared to grids and drywall. You can swap out unsightly foam times for raised panel tiles because these can be left in their matte white finish, bouncing the light around. But they can also be customized with paint.

Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallion

If you have chandeliers and light fixtures on your ceiling, installing a ceiling medallion can enhance the look of your ceiling. It can draw attention to chandeliers and can also liven up a plain-looking ceiling. You can install a big ceiling medallion on the center of your ceiling or you can use a row of smaller ones in a long, narrow room or hall. After installing, you can paint them with either a latex or an oil-based paint.

Pressed-Tin Panels

Antique Tin Ceiling

Pressed-tin panels are patterned-metal sheets that are usually seen on the ceilings of older homes and loft apartments. They can give a folksy feel to a certain room and it is great if you’re a fan of vintage styles. These panels also come in many different patterns and you can also apply an oil-based paint to it after installing by using a deep-nap roller.


This is probably the most versatile treatment you can do for your ceiling, however, it can be tricky as well. It is ideal for flat, sloped, and irregularly shaped ceilings. There are lots of patterns and textures option available on the market when it comes to ceiling wallpapers. You just have to make the right choices. For example, if your home has exposed beams, skylights, and other ceiling feature that you want to highlight, you can go for a bold color or pattern for a wallpaper.


If you want to achieve a classic New England cottage look for your home, then a paneled ceiling will work best for you. When it comes to installing panels on the ceiling, wood and mineral fiber planks that imitate wood are among the several materials that can create an effect. You can also use opaque stains and acrylic latex paints over a primer to achieve different looks for the ceiling panels.


Ceiling stencils are also great especially for homes with arched ceilings because these patterns can delineate them. There are limitless options for stenciled patterns. They can be as bold or as subtle depending on your preferences.



If you want to keep your ceiling white, you can just simply add a little texture to it just like some geometrical molding. This can add a modern appeal to your ceiling. You can also opt to connect it to the pattern of your door to match the style of the ceiling. Or you can have an ornate circular molding round which can make a room and a flat ceiling look a lot bigger.  

There are indeed lots of ways to turn a plain-looking and boring ceiling into one that will catch attention and add a wonderful ambiance to a room. We hope these techniques we shared will help you in revamping your ceiling to create a better and more refreshing look.

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