Affordable Additions to the Rear of Your Home


We tend to think only about what we can do to the interior of our homes when we want to make a change, but there are plenty of additions that can be made to the rear of the property to get more from it.

Here are some suggested additions that make better use of the garden area.

Adding Privacy Fences to Shield the Back Garden from View

When your back garden is open to a field behind or backs onto another property, you really want to have a separator between your property and what’s behind it. While it’s not always necessary, a fence creates a clear physical boundary that avoids any misunderstanding between neighbors.

A privacy fence is also useful to prevent prying eyes when you’re relaxing in your yard. For families with kids, it stops them climbing over or other people accessing the backyard without permission. The top types of privacy fences hold up to different weather conditions over the years and use protective coatings to avoid breaking down quickly. They can also either blend into the background or distinctly stand apart from it by being a different color than the lawn and plant life.

Create a Dedicated Barbeque Area

The chefs in the home will appreciate being able to cook up some barbeque meats and veggies on a dedicated grilling area. The small, circular portable grills don’t tend to be that great and risk toppling over if someone accidentally backs into them. Instead, adding a wider and deeper grill that is installed in a corner of the back yard provides a place to focus on grilling meats without distraction.

Having cabinets to store utensils and surface areas to put plates of raw meat and skewered vegetables ready for grilling along with a secondary area for food ready to go out to ravenous family and friends is much easier than cramming a tiny barbeque set somewhere without much thought.

Adding a Raised Deck to Lounge On

A wooden deck in the back yard provides a comfortable platform above the garden area. When it’s been raining and the garden is too muddy to walk on, the deck is still walkable. Adding garden furniture to the deck once it’s complete means it’s always a pleasant place to hang out when the weather is reasonable and the wind isn’t blowing too hard.

The maintenance on a raised deck is admittedly more than with a patio where you only have to worry about chipped paving stones, cleaning the grout between them, and sweeping up. However, it’s not much trouble to deal with the deck every quarter to clean it, resolve any issues with the wood, and add new protection to its surface.

The often ignored back of the property usually offers plenty of extra space to do something to make it more livable. Even if you’re not much into gardening at all, the back-garden area is perfect for creating a space to relax and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The gardening is optional.

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