3 Ways to Cut the Cost of Heating and Cooling Your Home


More and more often you will hear those in the energy industry referring to the cost of heating or cooling the “average home.” But, what exactly does that mean? Is there really any such thing as an average home when there are so many types and ages of single-family homes, as well as the term ‘home’ being used to define flats and HMOs? Taking all of that into account, the industry determined in 2015 that the energy bill of an ‘average home’ totalled approximately £1,326 annually. With much of that money going to the cost of heating or cooling your home, you can see why you would want to cut costs. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Routine Maintenance Is an Absolute MUST

It doesn’t matter what kind of heating or cooling units you have in your home, it is imperative that you have a qualified service company routinely check your systems. Many families wait until there is an obvious spike in the size of their utility bills before getting to the bottom of the problems and by that time, it’s too late. You’ve already paid way too much because of a faulty system or perhaps something as simple as clogged vents. If you are looking for a professional and most trusted split system installation Peninsula, we recommend you click the given link.

2. Sealing to Prevent Draughts

Did you ever stop to consider just how much energy you are literally throwing out the window? Many homes simply don’t have their doors and windows properly sealed and, as a result, a huge amount of heat is lost in the winter while also being allowed to enter in the hot summer months. Even then, it’s almost impossible to completely seal your home so many experts in the field are now suggesting that the best way to avoid those draughts is with a MVHR system which can keep air recycling through the home.

Not only will a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery unit recycle warm air without putting greater stress on the HVAC system, but it can cut the cost of heating or cooling your home by as much as 25%. That’s more than £25 a month when using the above-mentioned calculations.

3. Install Programmable Thermostats

It’s virtually impossible to keep your home at a constant temperature without a programmable thermostat. If you truly want to reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home, you should check out the figures listed on the Ofgem website. Domestic figures are given, energy caps are discussed, and it is here that you will find information on why programmable and smart devices are the way forward when seeking to consume less energy within the home.

Why not make more efficient use of the heating or cooling systems you already have installed? If you can cut your bills by one-fourth, you’ve cut your energy dependence by just that much. Not only will you be doing something positive for the environment but you will be saving a load of money as well. If you are serious about cutting energy expenditures, these three solutions are a very good place to start.


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