Unusual Ideas for Designing Your Ceiling


Ceilings are an important element of any interior design scheme. However, they are often overlooked when it comes to creative expression. The different types of ceilings and designs are pretty much the only thing people consider when decorating their homes. But with a little bit of imagination and effort, you can turn your ceiling into a unique, eye-catching focal point of your space.

In this article, we are going to explore some unusual ideas for designing your ceiling that might help you take your interior design to the next level. From patterned and textured ceilings to unique lighting fixtures and colorful murals, we will give you tips and inspiration to transform your ceiling into a work of art that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall ambiance of your home.

High Gloss

High gloss is one of the most recent ceiling trends. It is an ultra-glossy, reflective finish that shines. It can deceive the eye, making the room appear larger, particularly when furniture is present, and lighter colors are used. However, the surface needs to be smooth if you are using paint so that no bumps will show.

If a smooth surface is not possible, a stretch ceiling may be the best option. It can conceal the existing ceiling and come in different colors and finishes, like high gloss. The shiny and smooth fifth wall can also provide the room a glamorous feel. It is also great to apply high-gloss paint to materials like wood for a stylish mix of glam and planking.


applying wallpaper to the ceiling

No one probably wants the tired wallpaper borders and floral pattern mix of the past to return, but there are new designs on the market that work for both commercial and residential spaces. It is a good choice when real wood might not be an option, as you can consider using a faux wood look created with printed wallpaper.

Wallpaper patterns can be simple and geometric, bold and angular, or tone-on-tone and monochromatic floral patterns with an elegant, understated punch. Wallpaper for ceilings varies from sophisticated traditional patterns to funky and fun fruit in neon colors. Therefore, you should not be shy to cover up your ceiling with good-looking wallpapers.

Three-Dimensional Installations

many lamps hanging from the ceiling

You can take a standard light fixture and apply it to the ceiling. With reimagined elements, one light becomes a dozen, creating something akin to an art piece suspended straight from the ceiling. Fantastic, intricate lighting fixtures can add texture and varying tiers for the eye to consider as it takes in the space.

For instant interest, you can also add a rudimentary black diamond pattern straight to that boring white ceiling for instant interest. Alternatively, you can extrude a classic arabesque pattern into a three-dimensional surface with a monochromatic finish. A coffered ceiling in a dark, mono finish will also draw attention to it, filling anyone looking up with curiosity.

Photographs and Artwork

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If you are trying to cover up popcorn ceilings and remove boring white paint, it is actually simple to do. You can install large prints, illustrations, and graphics to stretch ceilings and span the whole space with beautiful wallpapers and massive designs.

Depending on the art or photograph, the ceiling can become the focal point of a room, or the design can extend from floor to ceiling for a truly immersive experience. Choose whether abstract patterns or shapes in art prints can work for a modern aesthetic or if a vintage map graphic trimmed with stained wood is more appropriate.

A Layered Look

A completely layered approach to décor goes beyond three-dimensional objects. Install a set of patterned wood panels, then add beams and the third layer of artistic lighting fixtures in bold colors complementing the ceiling.

Take long planks of wood and make steps with enough space between them to allow for the play of shadow and light on each piece. Art, stenciling, and even ceiling astounds for better acoustics can be used to add to the layered look.


Several live plants for décor in a room can instantly make it feel fresh and bright. Now multiply that by 10, 100, 1000! Suspended plants from the ceiling are one way to incorporate more botanicals. Making and hanging entire frames with overfilled fronds can take the greenery to a new level. Use hanging boxes to create a pattern, cover the entire ceiling, or suspend plants from open beams.

Architectural / Sculptural

a beautiful ceiling design

Turn the ceiling into something new for a more integrated look than just layered levels or three-dimensional elements attached to or suspended from the ceiling. This could include undulating baffling contained within organic cut-outs in the ceiling space, ocean-like waves, or large non-removable sculptural designs.

Architectural and sculptural ceiling designs, like layered designs, allow for the play of light and shadow. Depending on the color and execution, these can also render a large room less or more intimidating.

Non-Traditional Color

room with yellow ceiling

White may be the most secure neutral, but that doesn’t mean it has to be used in every room. Bright, bold choices can quickly become the focal point to draw the eye up in a small space. Bring the non-traditional shades halfway down the walls to visually expand the room’s size.

A dark ceiling can bring elements together in ways that bold walls otherwise would steal the spotlight instead of working in tandem. A darker or lighter color from the room’s décor can instantly brighten the space, while a color matching the floor can add life.

Fabric and Fibers

fabric hanging from the ceiling as decorations

Ropes, rugs, and rags can instantly change the mood, and billowy satins soften the otherwise harsh lines of walls. Fabric drapes adorning a ceiling are common in wedding venues, but you can also use these materials in retail settings and homes.

For a unique ceiling design, add roughly torn ribbons and felted wool balls hanging from metal rings or long swaths of linen amidst soft lighting and origami birds. Integrating greenery and layers is another excellent way to create a one-of-a-kind space with ceilings.


How does it sound to help the environment while creating a one-of-a-kind ceiling design? Yes, it does sound fantastic. Adding dimension, texture, and warmth to a room by hanging wooden pallets or crates from the ceiling.

Donating broken or used umbrellas to float upside down from the ceiling? That’s an excellent way to add intrigue to a space while keeping another item out of the landfill. You can upcycle even paper bags, old newspapers, and books to produce an undeniably special set of lighting fixtures for your ceiling, all while helping the environment and saving you money. That might be the best combination yet.


Using textured materials on your ceiling may help add depth and character to your space. You can use plaster or wood beams to create a rustic or industrial look. You can also use faux finishes to achieve a more modern feel. Adding molding to your ceiling can also help create a unique texture and add visual interest to your ceiling.

Materials and Accents

a textured ceiling design

Using unique materials and accents on your ceiling can add a touch of glamor and sophistication to a room. You can consider using metal tiles, decorative molding, or even glass panels to create a modern and elegant look.


The ceiling is an essential element of interior design that can help transform the look and feel of a space. With the right creativity and attention to detail, you can make your ceiling a unique and eye-catching feature that sets your home apart. From adding textures and patterns to using unique lighting fixtures and materials, there are surely many unusual ideas for designing your ceiling that may help you achieve your desired look. Therefore, whether you are looking to create a cozy and rustic feel or a modern and sleek look, do not underestimate the power of a well-designed ceiling, as it can truly help enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

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