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Avoid Problems During Winter

Have you ever imagined going through a harsh winter without your furnace working well? When we buy a furnace for our house, we usually get an electric or gas. We feel happy because we bought a system that will help us control the temperature at home and spend cozy and warm moments with our family. But, if a furnace doesn’t get proper maintenance, it starts failing and here is where many problems start. Believe it or not, this one of the major reasons why people have several health problems during winter, Therefore, you must check the furnace during Fall to make sure that everything will be working well during winter. You can try to check it yourself and even repair it but we recommend you call professional technicians to do the job for you. By doing this you can rest assured that the inspection will be done right the first time.

When you set the temperature of a space to a pleasant level, fires with room-sensing thermostat technology will constantly measure the ambient temperature and adjust the heating to minimize wasteful and uncomfortable ‘room temperature swings’, click here to know more.

Check Your Furnace Step By Step

Several things must be checked to have a furnace working well. The first thing is to check the thermostat. It should stay at a constant temperature and we must make sure it is not falling off. The wires must be inspected too. Make sure they are not loose and they are well connected. They can be loose because the furnace is power controlled and due to the force, the wires can easily disconnect, burn, or become loose. Make sure there is adequate airflow going into the unit to avoid it from overheating.

The inducer motor is also important. Make sure it is well-connected and clean. The gas valve itself is also very important, therefore check every single part of it. The burners are considered one of the most important parts of a furnace. They should provide strong flames but if you see orange flames, it means that they must be maintained or replaced immediately. Check the motor and the blower too. A good way of checking a furnace is by using a multimeter. If you have one at home, get it and connect it to make sure that the furnace is working promptly. A multimeter is not difficult to use, but if you need further assistance, you can always rely on professional technicians to ensure that you are doing things right.

A Dirty Filter Can Increase Electricity Bills

Another important element in each furnace is the filter. People usually forget about changing it during the year. The filter should be replaced at least every three or four months. When you take out the filter, you will notice it is dirty. A filter usually starts as white but if it now looks brown, it is time to replace it. We all know that a dirty filter will make a furnace run less efficiently and it will force it causing higher electricity or gas bills. You don’t want this to happen, do you? Therefore, make sure that an expert team of technicians checks the furnace for you and replace every single part that has to be replaced.

We Are Knowledgeable About All Furnace Brands And Models

Furnaces are important elements that we have at home. They should be properly maintained and repaired by a professional team that knows exactly how each of these units works. If you’re in Seattle Washington, and you have noticed that your furnace is not working well, you can contact Nortech services. Our team uses the latest technology and the best techniques to check, install, and repair all types of furnaces no matter the brand or model. You can rest assured that every time we maintain your furnace, it will be treated as if it were ours, therefore you know that your furnace will be in the most professional hands. Don’t hesitate, contact us at (206) 203-9567 and speak to our professional technicians who will gladly give you the information you need or get a free quote online by visiting our website where you can also learn more about our services and check our affordable prices. We are an insured company that offers HVAC, electrical, and refrigeration services at the most affordable prices. Keep your heating system and furnace working well at all times by calling us. Schedule an appointment and we will come to your house to inspect it.