80s Fitness Crazes

Muscle men in the 1980s

80s Fitness Crazes

Men were not the only ones who became interested in working out at the gym during the 80s, as there were also a lot of women getting into fitness at that time.

As a matter of fact, if you look back on many 80s fitness crazes, you will find that a lot of women were actively involved in the fitness industry both as customers and vendors. The popular music video “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John proves this. Actress Jane Fonda is also known as the fitness guru for housewives and many other female demographics in the 1980s.

In addition, Nike also supported these fitness crazes with their famous tagline “Just Do It.”. No matter how sedentary we might be now, it’s a fact that many American men and women jazzercised and sweated through this era. There were workout guides on VHS by Jane Fonda; Debbie Reynolds her own fitness video called “Do It Debbie’s Way”, and several other female stars were jumping on the fitness bandwagon. It’s no wonder that popular streetwear during that time included spandex, leg warmers,

Women in the 80s – getting physical

However, men were not the only ones who became interested in working out at the gym as there are also a lot of women who were into fitness in the 1980s. As a matter of fact, if you will look back on the 80s fitness crazes, you will find out a lot of women who were involved. The popular music video “Physical” by Olivia Newton John proves this. In addition, Nike also supported these fitness crazes with their famous tagline “Just Do It.” American men and women jazzercised and sweated through this era. There were also workout guides on VHS by Jane Fonda. Debbie Reynolds also had a fitness video, which was called “Do It Debbie’s Way.” The popular street wear during that time include spandex, leg warmers, sweats, and sneakers.

1980s – The ultimate “fitness era”

The above discussion gives us some idea of why the 80s is known as the ultimate fitness era. In fact, this was a remarkable era in which America became highly interested in shaping up. The then-young “get physical” generation had been very dedicated to leaving the people with an amazing impression in ideals and fashion.

As a result, there were several advancements in sports technology, gear, and fitness videos that were really beneficial to people who wanted to stay active and get rid of extra pounds. In the early 90s, Thighmaster was introduced by Suzanne Somers to spearhead the new era. However, only a few people were able to keep up with this new generation with its hardcore exercise programs.

new generation.

Older but fitter

As you get older, you need to appreciate the reality that a proper fitness routine can give not only the usual benefits when it comes to staying healthy, but it can also help in reducing the risks you may encounter as you age.

Working out means that you wouldn’t put on weight quite so easily. Even if you do get a bit pudgy with age and certain health conditions, sticking to a workout routine will help you to get the weight off easily. This will not just keep you looking good when you’re young, but also strengthen your body and make it more beneficial for you as you grow older.

We’ve seen many elderly people hobbling about or completely bedridden, while others have contracted dangerous health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. All this reduces the quality of life, which is a pity in our golden years.

On the other hand, we’ve also seen some elderly folks still out on the jogging track and in the gym. When exercise is a habit, it can reward you by enabling a more active life in the future. Fitness crazes in the 80s were centered on this philosophy, and we’re still seeing the results today.

Getting into the 80s Groove

If you’re all set to make your workout an 80s-inspired routine, you’d need the right equipment to get into the spirit of things. Revamping your entire home gym or buying an outdated piece of exercise equipment might be expensive and illogical steps, though. However, you can still act on your workout passions by investing in an economical but useful gear that will help you out when exercising.

Spandex and leg warmers might be all very well, but the ABETER Running Belt might be an even more convenient option. This belt is something that would take you back to the good old 80s, but it would also come in handy for storing your essentials while you exercise. Check out its details here:

This running belt can hold your phone, money, wallet, and several other necessary items. It’s a great convenience that unfortunately dies out during the 80s. If you’re looking to bring the 80s back, make use of something like this pouch/belt/waistband when you’re out jogging, running, walking, or just heading to the gym.

You can get this item in black, blue, orange, and pink design so go with whatever suits your tastes! With everything zipped up inside, you can easily concentrate on your workout without worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket or misplacing your keys. The nostalgia factor is just a bonus, but this addition to your gear can certainly set your mind at ease.


Many people go for exercise on a temporary basis, leaving it once they achieve their fitness goals once. If you want to remain healthy and active, you need to let go of this mindset. You have to learn to enjoy the different exercise processes, and the fitness crazes of the 80s can come in handy! Those workout videos will surely help you move well and feel young, which are among the most important aspects that allow you to lead an enjoyable life.

The 80s were a time that many adults today remember fondly and even try to bring back by mimicking its trends. It was a decade where the United States as a whole was going through a happy and positive phase, with television and movies reflecting the same spirit. It’s hence no wonder that many workout and fitness enthusiasts are still inspired by the fitness crazes of the 80s. If they help you get in shape, we say take the motivation and go for it!

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