Which is Better: Biking or Running?

Exercise should be a regular part of our routine, especially if we have a desk job or a weight problem.…

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Finding the Right Fitness Gadgets

Many people struggle to lose weight and get into shape, whether this is for health reasons or for fitting into…

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Debunking Fitness Myths

  So you know everything about fitness? Once you’ve found out that some of these popular fitness notions are actually…

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Introduction to CrossFit

What is CrossFit, really? You may have seen CrossFit on television commercials. You may have spotted CrossFit centers popping up…

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Top 10 Fitness Gyms

  So you’ve finally decided to get out of your old, sluggish lifestyle and embrace the gym world? If you…

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Calorie and Activity Tracking Technology

Nowadays, it has become essential for one to monitor their lifestyle and alter it in order to maintain a healthy…

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80s Fitness Crazes

Muscle men in the 1980s Men were not the only ones who became interested in working out at the gym…

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