Things I Wish I Knew Before Building My House


Building your own customized house is really exciting when one decides to build it at first. Just like that we were super excited when we decided to build our own house. But as a rookie we were not aware of a lot of stuff that goes on in this process of building a house.

Just to save you from “I wish I knew this before I started the process”, there are a few things I would like to share with you guys from my experience before you start building your own house so that your building process goes a little more smoothly.

1. Before starting building, get the basics done. Taking care of the small details is really important. Keep these few things in check before officially digging into the building process; get your floor plans approved by the experts, get the construction loan and get the final contract with your builder. Starting the building process in a hurry and recklessly can result in your loss. Get the permits and every necessary measure before you officially start building.

2. During our research, there’s one thing many people warned us about that made us more cautious in our hunt of builders. When looking for builders make sure to look for their certificates and reviews to make sure you trust the right people.  We cannot stress this common problem enough. Homeowners tend to rush it and expect fast results when that never works. When building a house or working on a house extension you want to make sure you’re working with licensed and trusted professionals.

3. PATIENCE is just one of the lessons you learn during this process. Contractors usually give you a tighter timeline. But be prepared because it is definitely going to take longer than the estimated time. Why? Because there are matters which are not in your hand. Things like bad weather conditions, building issues and scheduling contractors is out of your hands and that definitely extends the timeline.

4. When designing your house, design the house considering how your life would possibly be in the next 5 or 10 years. Design for the future not for now. Keep in view if you are planning to have kids or if your parents are going to move in with you. What seems convenient for you now might not be in the future. And making amendments can cost you more and will become a burden again and again.

5. One thing that every person who made their own custom houses will tell you is one thing that they wish they had made a bigger storage. It doesn’t seem that excited to decide a storage when you can take that time to consider how spacious and of what design does the kitchen have to be rather than worrying about the storage, right? But trust me it will definitely save you from worrying in the future.

6. Save money where you can because you will definitely go over your budget later on. So do things that you can yourself, it helps save money. You can paint the walls and do a lot of little things yourself. But get the plumbing and electrical services done by the professionals. Of Course, electricians in Sydney can be found easily but make sure to contact the right people because if the job is not done by the right people it will cost an increase in your utility bills. And that when you yet have to recover from all the expenses of the newly built house can be a headache.

7. You have to save your money, yes, but invest in things that are long-lasting. Invest in the fixtures. Trendy and stylish things can temp you but focus on the bigger picture. For your comfort look for what will last long not what looks good. Also in Sydney, we get a lot of rain so the weather conditions have to be considered so take appropriate measures for that. So in Sydney waterproofing and plumbing has got to be done for your house to stay in a good condition for a long time.

8. While choosing what color to paint your walls, keep the color neutral. Choosing colors that fit with your current styling or interior might not look good when you decide to change the interior later. So make it neutral and friendly.

9. Visit your work site often. You always have to keep up with what’s going and how the progression is. You visit your site at least 2 or 3 times a week.

10. Last but important you will get stressed and overwhelmed sometimes. While choosing the tiles or some other designs your partner or your siblings might have different opinions and that can start a fight but if you keep your goal in view it can be taken care of easily. Remember that this house is for you guys to live together, happily and comfortably. Look at the bigger picture and remember it is all worth it.

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