Best Kid-Friendly Aquarium Fish

Seeing the kids playing with electronic gadgets is no longer a rare sight. Although it is not possible to keep the children away from those devices, some things can be done to reduce the time they spend on the screen. And introducing them to fish-keeping is a wonderful idea.

Why fish keeping?

Most kids love to keep pets. However, if you are to bring home a dog or a cat, you should be willing to feed, bathe, and clean up the mess they make. So, in short, it’s not so easy to let your kids own a furry animal as a pet. And your kids may also learn more about fishes having them as a pet for your home.

On the other hand, aquariums look more fascinating with aqua illumination led lights and these  LED lights are a lot more energy-efficient than traditional aquarium light systems, which means that they’ll be better for your wallet and better for the environment. There is not a lot of maintenance work when it comes to fish keeping. Of course, the water needs frequent changes, and the tank needs cleaning from time to time. However, that is something that your little one will enjoy doing. And the best part is that it will help the kids to be responsible.

Researchers also believe that watching the fish swim around in an aquarium is a great stress reliever, which is another bonus point. With that in mind, let us look at some of the top kid-friendly aquarium fish.

Michele Taylor dedicated and enthusiastic fish tank designer from Aquariumfish City is going to share some of the best fish for kids or beginners

Here are the best Aquarium fish for kids

1. Goldfish

Goldfish is probably the most popular and common aquarium fish. The one thing, which many people get it wrong about these beautiful creatures, is that they think there is only one type of goldfish. These are golden-reddish in appearance, which is the most common kind.

However, there are dozens of different kinds of goldfish, which includes celestials, lionheads, and fantails. Goldfish are not expensive, and they can survive a water temperature that is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means you also won’t have to spend extra cash on aquarium heaters. Just feed them several times in a day in small quantities, and they will be fine.

2. Guppies

If you’re looking for more colorful ones, guppies are a good option as they come in different colors. The male guppies are slightly more colorful, and they have larger tails.

The one problem you will face with this bright and colorful fish is that they breed pretty fast. Therefore, if you are not willing to look after lots of tiny fishes, you should go with all males or all females.

To keep the guppies healthy, you will have to ensure that the water temperature does not drop below 72°F or goes above 82°F.

3. Tetra

Tetras are another colorful kind of fish that makes a great aquarium fish for kids. They thrive best in water temperature that is around 74°F. They must also be fed with a variety of food, including frozen, processed, or live foods.

Do keep in mind that Tetras are schooling fish. Since they love to be in groups, you will have to buy at least a dozen. There is a particular variety of Tetra known as ‘neon Tetra’ that are incredibly beautiful. These are a little smaller than the other species. However, that is not a thing to worry about because they will look so much bigger in water.

4. Danios

This is another schooling fish that flourish well in groups. The glowlight Danios, which was is a recent discovery, is amongst the top favored aquarium fish. They glow beautifully when placed under blue actinic light. They have a torpedo-like shape, they are very active swimmers, and they require more space. This means you will have to buy a bigger tank.

You’ll also love the fact that you won’t have to install the water filtration system. Just make sure that the water is changed at least once a week, and maintain the water temperature between 70 to 82°F.

5. Betta fish

You need not look further if you are considering keeping only one fish in the tank. The male Betta fish, in particular, does not get along with others. This is what makes them a perfect solo aquarium fish. It is also the reason why the name Siamese fighting fish is its other name.

Betta fish are low maintenance fish. They do not need a water filtration system to survive, and you will not have to change the water frequently. Betta fish loves water that has a temperature between 72 and 80°F.