How To Install Retractable Screen Door


Whenever opening your home to nature-given coolness is a priority, installing a retractable screen door becomes a necessity. The major reason is that it keeps out the mice and prevent other pesky insects from hitching a hike into your home. Some retractable screen doors also come with air filters for air cleansing (let that be part of your buying guide). Regardless of your chosen door type, how long it lasts, and how efficiently it performs depends largely on your installation. Therefore, in this post, I guide you through how to install retractable screen door in 5 easy steps. Visit to get a free quote on a retractable screen door today.

Step 1: Measure The Doorway

Basically, most conventional retractable doors are within square by ¼”. Therefore, it’s ideal o first measure the internal width of your doorway frame before buying one. If the doorway frame is more than ¼” in size, you can adjust the jambs until it squares up the frame. You may otherwise trim the aluminum cassette holding the fiberglass screen of your retractable door by using a hacksaw. Another option is to take your doorway frame measurement along with you when purchasing a retractable screen door so you can avoid the adjustment later on.

Step 2: Replace Parts And Fix Mounting Clips

During the adjustment process of the cassette, it’s almost impossible to avoid letting such parts of your retractable doors like the plastic end caps and the screen handle from falling. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to re-fix all fallen parts back in place before moving on. Once done, fix your mounting clips unto the upper side of your doorway frame where the door is to be installed. And make sure the curved lips of the clips are directed towards the direction of the interior and not outdoor. This ensures safety and firmness. Meanwhile, when it comes to stylish and high-quality security doors and retractable screens for your home, we highly recommend Peninsula Mobile Screens.

Step 3: The Cassette First

Remember that the cassette is that part of your retractable door where the fiberglass screen is attached. Therefore, it’s logical to make it the first part to be installed. Lift the cassette carefully towards the mounting clips on the upper part of the doorway frame. Mount it there and adjust until it is well balanced. You may test the balancing and stability by throwing a few slight knocks at the cassette. If you notice any shakiness, you may just have to re-fix the mounting clips and make sure they are in good shape before mounting the cassette unto them. After that, use a pencil to mark out where the two sides of the cassette end on the horizontal of the frame.

Step 4: Install The Side Tracks

Now you know how much space is left for the side tracks. If your side tracks are longer than the available space, grab your hacksaw once again to cut them into the right sizes. With that done, you can finally return your cassette to the top before installing the side tracks underneath it on both sides of your doorway frame.

Step 5: Testdrive

After securing the sidetracks in place with screws, and your fiberglass screen is in, test-drive by pulling the screen down and up making sure it stays within the side tracks. If there’s any obstruction caused by sawn particles or blown sand particles, clear your installation with an air blower.

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