The essentiality of air filters to your HVAC system and which one works for you


You don’t want a home that is a sparkling architectural and artistic wonder yet not conducive for you and your loved ones. Instead, you want a home that blends beauty with hospitality. The hospitality of your home is tied greatly to having the right air conditioning.

This implores the importance of adequately maintaining your HVAC system. Of course, there is no way we would talk about HVAC systems without stumbling on MERV filters.

What are these filters?

To better grasp the essentiality of MERV filters, let us start by examining the MERV concept itself.  Basically, MERV is an acronym denoting Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This value is a direct measurement of the efficiency of your air filter.

The MERV filters in circulation today range from 1-16. The basis for this graduation is simple. Higher MERV values imply a more reduced concentration of contaminants in the air in our homes. MERV is a brainchild of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Therefore, we see that the MERV rating is symbolic of how poorly (or excellently) a filter conducts itself when sagged with the responsibility of air purification.

These particles to be removed from the air can be as minute as 0.3 microns. Such contaminants can not only be dust particles, but they could as well be tobacco smoke, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and even pet dander.

Therefore in medical scenes like the hospital as well as in the theatre, you could find MERV 13-16 filters while in typical homes, you would come across the likes of MERV 7-12 filters which most air filter subscription services deliver.

Is higher always the better?

Now, there is the natural –yet naïve – propensity to jump at higher MERV filters in the belief of their superior suitability. This doesn’t always prove correct.  Higher MERV ratings don’t always automatically translate into better filters for you.

Here is something that may easily escape you.  A high-rating MERV filter for sure has very reduced pores, thereby constricting air flow. This is achieved by amplifying the resistance such that contaminants struggle to flow through.

Nonetheless, that is only the bright side. On the other side, which is darker, such higher MERV ratings by increased airflow resistance would trigger deterioration in air quality, further pressuring your AC system. Therefore the ideal pie is that highly rated MERV filter which would still allow an adequate amount of air to flow through your HVAC system.  If you do need help make sure you find a quality HVAC repair and maintenance service.

Of course, you wouldn’t forget the need for periodic replacement of your MERV filters. As you would find out, if you go for filters with higher ratings, then you would be getting more frequent filter changes from your air filter subscription guys.

This could be bi-monthly or once in three months. Such changes are a necessity to avoid sustained restriction of airflow which would eventually destroy your HVAC system.

Keeping your air pure isn’t always as enjoyable as watching Black Panther. The rigors of regularly replacing your filter can be truly exhausting. How about you let Forget My Filter do all the hard work for you keeping your home enjoyably pure? Get top quality MERV filters delivered right at your door, no long story! You deserve to stay happier and healthier!





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