How Often Should You Mow Your Grass


The beauty of well-trimmed lawns lies in how well you mow the grass. Mowing your grass at the right time and maintaining an optimal height will help to keep your lawn neat, healthy, and attractive.

Yet, you stand a chance of irreparably damaging your lawn if you cut the grass at the wrong time. The question now remains how often you should mow your grass.  The answer to that is dependent on the following factors.

What Kind of Grass?

There are essentially two kinds of grass, regardless of the diverse species. You have the type that grows in the warm season and that which grows in the cool season.

In other to get the best results and to keep the grass healthy after mowing, it is advisable to go for the kind that thrives in the cool season during springtime.

Conversely, you should mow the grass which strives in the warm season during the summer. This means that during the growth season, you might need to mow your lawn more frequently in Chesterfield.

Subsequently, during the slow and dormant season, you only have to mow your lawn when necessary. You don’t necessarily need to worry about the right time to mow the grass on your lawn if you readily delegate duties to a lawn service Chesterfield va.

How Fast Does It Grow?

There are seasons and times to everything. Including grasses and how fast they grow. During the growing season, you could keep your grass healthy by mowing it once a week. However, you might not need to mow it that frequently during the cold months when grasses grow a lot slower. It would help if you can find out how fast the species of grass on your lawn grow.

Depending on its recommended height, the rate at which you mow your grass will depend on its growth rate. Be sure that the grass is high enough to be trimmed or else cutting it too short may cause it not to have strong roots.

If the grass grows fast then you need to mow it regularly to maintain its optimal height. If you are in the Chesterfield area, you can easily get a lawn service chesterfield va to handle such tasks.

What is your preferred height?

After considering the species of grass and its growth rate, your preferred height relative to those factors will also determine how often you mow your grass.

Your preferred height should align with the optimal height of the grass species. If your preferred height does not match the optimal height for the grass, it might become unhealthy, therefore developing a yellowish pale which could disfigure your lawn. Whatever you do, remember to cut only one-third of the grass’s height when you mow it.


Grasses get nourishment from water, soil nutrients, and sunlight. How frequently you need to mow your lawn depends on how much nutrients the grass on your lawn is getting. Well-nourished greens need to be mowed constantly. Under-nourished grass, not so frequently.  Be sure to consider options like lawn mowing services as well for help.

Undernourishment is one of the reasons why some parts of your lawn might yellow or look brown. If your lawn is yellow or brown, you may not need to mow it. Instead, focus on restoring it to its original color before mowing it.


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