Are air purifiers a waste of money?

You may have finally moved into that new home. However, you realize that you still have to purchase various appliances to make the place habitable. Some people claim that air purifiers are some of the tools that will make the air quality in your home increase tenfold.

On the other hand, others hold a contrary opinion. As a homeowner, you may thus not know the way forward, but you still want to make the best use of your home. Where do you get started? Learning about air purifiers, what they do, and their limitations is all you need to make an informed decision.

What is an air purifier?

It is a device or tool used to remove contaminants from the air in a certain area and improve air quality. These tools have been in use since World War 2, where they were created as part of the Manhattan project to protect people from radioactive dust.

The technologies behind these devices have changed a lot over the years. Some of the contaminants that these air purifiers can eliminate include dust, pollen, construction adhesives, and dander, to mention a few.

Why do you need an air purifier?

Life is already hard enough, and you may not understand why you need to spend money on such a tool.

You have pets

We need some good loving, and pets are some of the best friends we can have. Think about that puppy or cat that you just adopted, and you share the same roof. However, these beautiful creatures shed fur and dander that come with multiple risks. It even gets worse if you do not have a dedicated shelter for your pets. Doing away with pets is not a wise route to take. You may be lucky if you are not allergic to fur and dander. However, it may build up on the couches and carpet and make your home dirty. An air purifier will trap fur and hair also make your home odor-free.

You have respiratory problems

There are many types of respiratory problems, such as asthma. You may find yourself whizzing and having breathing difficulties when exposed to unclean air. The air inside your home might not be that clean when compared to what it is outside. An air purifier will catch some of the common stuff that makes it hard for you to breathe normally. Some of them include dust, pet fur, dander, and pollen grains. A single device might be all that you need to make your home habitable. However, you still have to use the medications for your respiratory problems.

You live with a smoker, or you smoke

A good air purifier is an essential tool if you enjoy smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. The smoke has some of the smallest pollutants that can cause discomfort in a home. You may enjoy puffing that cigarette while lying on your couch. You may spray the area with an air freshener once you are done. You may even open the windows to let fresh air in. However, some particles will still be trapped inside. An air purifier will remove the contaminants and the odor that comes from smoking.

You live in a busy area

You may not have control over some things, such as the quality of air outside. You may be residing in a busy street where air contamination is the order of the day. You may also be near a construction site, which exposes your space to dust and other pollutants. Shifting from that area might not be viable. Does it mean that you have to suffer forever? An air purifier will capture these pollutants and ensure that you enjoy your stay indoors.

You live with kids or seniors

These two categories of people are at a higher risk of suffering from various illnesses than active adults. Their immune system is somehow weak, and a small alteration of the air quality might lead them to the physician. However, an air purifier ensures that the atmosphere is always clean and safe for survival.

Based on the above facts, we testify that air purifiers are not a waste. They work; however, it would be best if you managed your expectations before you get that air purifier. A quick glimpse at the list of Best Budget Air Purifier (2020 Reviews Updated) shows that you do not have to spend an arm and leg on improving air quality in your home. Ensure that you maintain your air purifiers and place them strategically if you want them to be durable and effective.