Pros and Cons of Protein Bars and Protein Shakes

Three protein bars

Back then, protein bars and protein shakes are considered as a favorite supplement for bulky and muscular guys who almost turned the gym into their second home. However, more men and women who may not be muscular but want to stay in shape consume them regularly. Plus, they are healthy and filling … Read more

How to Shop for the Best Rice Cooker

At some point, most of us probably tried to cook rice manually. But when we think that we got it all covered, we realized that we’ve forgotten the rice that is on the stove. Let’s be honest, dealing with an unpleasant smell in the kitchen, and cleaning a layer of burnt rice … Read more

Types of Mixing Bowls

It’s easier to prepare and mix food in a bowl. A bowl gives us the freedom to whisk and stir without having to worry about spilling. A bowl also makes our food more aromatic and appealing to eat. Even if these mixing bowls kind of look the same, there are several types … Read more

Best Pizza Pans for the Grill

GURO Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Baking Pan

Do you like the idea of cooking pizza in your backyard? Sure, it is comfortable to cook pizza in a perfectly good oven indoors, but grilling pizza outdoors can be fun and exciting. That’s why we are going to give you a list of the best pizza grill pans from that you … Read more

The Most Popular and Craziest Diet Fads

The Most Popular and Craziest Diet Fads

From time to time, many of us gain extra unwanted pounds we want to shed. This is why a whole lot of diet fads were invented. Reducing carbohydrate and calorie intake and increasing protein consumption are some of the popular ways to pursue weight loss. Over the centuries, many people have invented … Read more

Origins of the Popular Desserts that May Surprise You

Origins of the Popular Desserts that May Surprise You

A full meal is never complete without desserts. But long ago, ordinary people didn’t eat desserts. Sweets and cakes were offered to deities by the ancient Mesopotamian people. Time passed and they became available for mere humans, but only for the upper-class society. Alexander the Great and Emperor Nero enjoyed their crushed … Read more

Interesting Facts Behind Christmas Feasts

Interesting Facts Behind Christmas Feasts

It won’t be Christmas without a sumptuous spread of the traditional feast on the table. Children and adults alike look forward to scrumptious items such as the roasted turkey (or another type of poultry), oven-baked ham, fruitcake, candy canes, pies, and a lot more. However, not all the items on the traditional … Read more

Interesting Facts about Barbecue and Grilling

Interesting Facts about Barbecue and Grilling

  Barbecue and grilling are very popular cooking methods. People in just about every country in the world love to grill their food, and the USA is no exception — after all,  it’s the home of the Texas-style BBQ ribs and juicy grilled burgers, to name just a few of the most … Read more

Having Fine Wine with Dinner

wine with dinner

Food and wine pairing When it comes to eating a delicious dinner, we like to drink the right type of wine. Many people say I love fine wine when I am eating my dinner. The old saying use to be drinking white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. … Read more

Necessary Foods to Stock-Up on for Your Prepper Pantries

Necessary Foods to Stock Up on for Your Prepper Pantries

Consistently stockpiling nourishing and long-lasting food is an imperative priority for any prepper! ‘Prepper’ is a term that denotes a person who wants to prepare themselves and their loved ones in the case of a dire emergency. This could be an earthquake, a flood, a nuclear attack, or even war. Preppers know … Read more

How Much Food and Water Do You Need on Hand?

food storage

If a natural disaster strikes today – a tornado, a hurricane, a forest fire or an earthquake – and the water and the electricity lines have all shut down, will you be prepared? A good idea when running a household is to make emergency plans for your own and your family’s safety, … Read more