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Australia endures water shortages often due to substantial drought conditions second to extreme temperatures and lack of rainfall. There’s little room for the significant loss due to leaking pipes, for which many homeowners are responsible but don’t take notice of the warning signs.

Unfortunately, when neglected, it only takes a brief period for severe damages, and an accumulation of costly repairs, not to mention the amount of waste suffered for the neighbouring water supply.

While a certified Blueline Plumbing plumber in Canberra ultimately needs to make the necessary repairs according to Australia’s laws, that can’t happen if a homeowner isn’t wise to the fact that there’s an issue to start.

Being mindful of what’s happening in the household and staying current on standard maintenance and upkeep will keep you in tune. Then when there is anything out of the ordinary, like perhaps drips or the sound of water running in the walls, it will stand out. You don’t want to be part of the country’s problem but find ways to remedy the situation beginning in your home.

Pay Attention For The Warning Signs To Save Waste From Leaks

Homeowners in Canberra can do their part in saving water waste by paying attention to their plumbing. Leaks can lead not only to significant damages in the home and costly utility bills, but they can contribute to the excessive draining of the country’s resource.

If you’re proactive with traditional household maintenance and upkeep, it makes you aware when things are not as they should be. You’ll be wise to the fact there is a puddle in the sink or around the base of the toilet that shouldn’t be there or perhaps a sound of running water when no one is using it. A call to a licenced plumber for an inspection will lead to the resolution plus prevent worsening of the issue and more costly repairs in any of these situations. Some signs that warrant a call to the experts include:

** Excessive Utility Costs

Generally, if you have a garden, the water bill will increase in Canberra in the summer due to the need for watering with extreme temperatures or if you have a pool that needs filling. But if it’s not summer or if you don’t participate in these activities and don’t anticipate an increase in your expense, an excessive bill could be the sign of a leak in the pipes.

The increases could be gradual each month, or it could happen suddenly with a massive bill in one instalment. In either situation, it should raise a red flag that there is a problem somewhere with the water system requiring a licenced plumber before there is substantial damage. For the fundamentals on water damage, go to

Usually, on an energy bill, you can see a breakdown; this can help you spot the spike and determine the issue’s timeframe.

** Development of Mould

Most times in a bathroom, a bit of mildew or mould, particularly in the shower, is standard even in a tidy home. But if you see these along the walls outside the shower in what should be dry areas, there’s likely leakage. Places like the baseboards, walls, floors, or ceilings with the development of these funguses are not a regular occurrence unless there is a problem.

Once damages reach this point, it’s imperative to contact a plumbing expert because these pose health risks to you and your family. Not only do you need to have the plumbing fixed, but you need to have the mould and mildew removed safely.

** The Smell Is A Giveaway

In many cases, you can smell a problem before there are any other indications. If the mould or mildew stays on the interior walls, beneath the floor, or in the vents, the odour will emit before you have any other sense of it.

Homeowners need to realise that a home shouldn’t have a musty scent regardless of how often the family showers. Usually, the pipes have sprung leaks. These generally begin to stagnate when they sit in an area for a period creating a nasty smell.

The Smell Is A Giveaway

** Pay Close Attention To The Water Metre

For a proactive homeowner, the water metre is something to which you pay close attention. If you believe there’s excessive water use, turn the main valve off to the house, making sure none of the appliances or toilets are functioning. That should mean the metre stops if everything is working adequately.

Take this link for guidance on reading water metres.

If it’s still registering activity, there’s a problem that needs addressing, and it’s most often than not related to leaks. In Australia, a trade has to repair plumbing problems with very few DIY fixes allowed. The Laws and Regulations intend to protect homeowners’ safety and well-being. You could inadvertently make mistakes with the system when attempting to do work yourself.

The water metre running when the water valve shuts off is a clear indication that there is a significant problem that a professional can remedy to prevent exceptional water damage and high repair costs along with more waste of the precious resource.

Final Thought

As a homeowner in Canberra, there’s a tremendous responsibility to maintain your household for your family’s safety and security and avoid potential hazards for those around you. When it comes to plumbing issues, particularly leaks, it is also up to you to ensure that you’re not wasting a resource for which the country already finds itself running short of quite frequently in its water supply.

Paying close attention to the warning signs that you might be experiencing a leak, one of the top causes of water waste in the country, allows you to quickly reach out to a plumber to remedy the situation before it gets out of hand.

The suggestion is pipe leaks are responsible for “approximately 10,000 gallons of waste for each person every year.” That’s comparable to washing “300 loads of clothing.” That’s more than enough reason to be proactive if you believe your pipes might be leaky.

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