5 Ways That UV Light Can Help with Food Safety


We all know that refrigerating food at 40 degrees or below helps prevent bacterial growth. However, when it comes to the food supply chain, there is a possibility of contamination of the foods. So, there must be other ways to supplement refrigeration as a means of food preservation. The use of UV sanitizer in a restaurant or even during the food supply chain is known to be effective in food safety.

UV light technology is a very effective way of killing bacteria and other pathogens that contaminate food and cause illnesses. These are pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mold. These are always present during the food supply chain. The introduction of UV light disinfection during the various food supply chains can be an effective way to keep foods safe for human consumption.

There are many ways UV light can be used to help with food safety. Here are 5 such ways:

1. UV light sanitizes contact surfaces

Food normally gets contaminated when it comes into contact with surfaces. You may not know the right chemicals or disinfectants that can kill all bacteria and viruses in food contact areas. As such, many restaurants are notorious for their inability to keep their surfaces clean all the time. However, with a UV light sanitizer, all food contact surfaces can be kept free of pathogens that contaminate food. UV light disinfection is good for areas and surfaces that are difficult to disinfect with chemicals.

2. UV Light kills mildew and mold

Combating mold and mildew on some surfaces can be a challenge. This can be said of refrigerators, freezers, and other food preservation containers that people handle all the time. Controlling the humidity levels in walk-in-freezers may still not be the solution. To keep your foods safe from these pathogens, the installation of UV Light solutions is the right way to go. The use of UV light disinfection in food processing plants is also a good way to effectively combat mildew and mold.

3. UV Light can disinfect POS and ordering devices

When it comes to technology, restaurants and other businesses have deployed devices that help in food ordering and dispensation. How do people handle these devices? These devices are a common harbor of pathogens due to their shared nature. As such, the use of UV light to disinfect these devices helps to keep food safe. You can use portable germ-killing units that use UV lights in food kiosks and keep customers’ foods safe.

4. UV Light can disinfect bathrooms

Using UV Light disinfectants in the bathrooms ensures that staff and customers in a restaurant are clean and therefore will not bring pathogens into foods. The same can be said of homes. When the bathrooms are disinfected through automatic UV Light disinfectors, the home environment is secured from food contaminants. This keeps all surfaces in your home or in public places safe for food handling and consumption.

5. Reduces dependence on chemicals

You and your family members should not be too reliant on chemicals for disinfection. Chemicals can always contaminate food. With UV light, you need not depend on chemical disinfectants because all you need to clean a surface is water and soap. Thereafter, you can disinfect it with UV light, therefore keeping everyone safe from chemicals and pathogens.


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