Qualities to Look For in a Bathroom Heater


If you are one of those people who hates the cold, you may want to consider getting yourself a bathroom heater. A bathroom heater can make your life and bath time so much more enjoyable in those cold winter months. It is particularly important when you have small kids as bathing them during the winter while they are happy and warm and you are shivering is no kind of fun.

However, it can be difficult to choose the right bathroom heater these days, as there are many models and options with different features. That is why we have come up with a list of the top qualities you should look for when choosing a bathroom heater:

1. Heater Type

The first thing you should consider is which type of heater will fit your needs the most. The most common heater types are:

  • Space heaters that provide quick heating for small rooms
  • Convection heaters that provide even heating for the whole-room
  • Fan-forced heaters that use an internal fan
  • Micathermic heaters that provide even and fast heat, and take up little space
  • Wall heaters that are hung on a wall or recessed into the wall

For a bathroom and small rooms, wall heaters are often the most effective as they can save space while also providing powerful heating. If you cannot install a wall heater, you can consider getting one of those portable heaters that are great for moving around. Just make sure that you find a safe spot for it in the bathroom.

2. Heating Capacity

Another important thing you should look for in a bathroom heater is its heating capacity, or in other words, the size of the space it can cover. There are heaters with various capacities and you can follow this link to see some of the options available to you. Typically, 10 watts of heating power can warm up one square foot of space, although a bathroom heater with advanced heating technology may be able to cover more. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can calculate the minimum wattage needed and choose a heater with adequate heating capacity

3. Safety

As with every other electronic item in your house, you need to consider safety when choosing your bathroom heater in order to prevent a fire or electrical shock from happening. Particularly in a bathroom, the heater needs to be designed with safety in mind in order to be used in damp or wet environments.  The ideal heater will have an overheat protection feature, which will turn the heater off automatically once it reaches a certain temperature; an internal switch that will shut off the power in case the heater is knocked down, and other advanced features such as cool surfaces to avoid burning when you accidentally touch it.


All of these safety features will help minimize the risk of fire and other unsafe operations.  If you are looking to buy a portable heater, you should find one with ACLI safety plugs as they will be more appropriate for the bathroom. It will also be wise to check the manual carefully to make sure the portable heater is designed to be used in the bathroom in the first place, and keep in mind that even a water-proof portable heater can cause electrical shocks. A much safer option is to install a ceiling or wall-recessed heater as they will be much less likely to cause electrical shocks.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another factor you should consider when choosing a bathroom heater. An energy-efficient heater will not only conserve energy for a greener planet but also help you save on heating costs. You should find an energy-efficient heater that has features such as energy-saving modes, low wattage, timers, adjustable thermostats, etc. These will help you minimize power usage and avoid unexpectedly high bills.

5. Noise

Nobody likes a noisy electrical appliance so you should definitely check the noise level of the bathroom heater you plan on getting, as generally, most heaters will emit some level of noise. There are actually silent heaters such as baseboard or radiant space heaters out there. They are ideal for a quiet environment, as they still do a good job of heating up the whole room while emitting very little or no noise at all.

A bathroom heater can make your life much more enjoyable during the long winter months. You will no longer have to pluck up the courage to take a bath or brush your teeth as the snow is falling outside. However, you should choose your heater carefully to ensure that it will bring you only comfort and no risk. In order to do so, it is important to consider the appropriate type of heater for your bathroom, its heating capacity, safety features, energy efficiency, and noise levels to ensure that you are getting the right heater for your needs.


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