What are Signs of Termites in Your Home?


Termites are nuisance animals that spend their entire life on wood without being noted. They mainly feed on wood or items made from wood. Since most homes have at least 50 percent of wood and wood products, it is essential to note the signs of termites around your home. When doing your background checks of termites’ existence, below are the signs you should check.

Head Banging

Although we might be knowing different sounds produced by various animals, it might be hard to imagine that small insects such as termites produce any sound. Surprisingly, termite soldiers bang their heads against the wood walls when their colony is disturbed. This headbanging alerts all the other termites.

Besides, worker termites spend most of their time working. Therefore, you can easily hear them eating your wood. If you hear such the termite sounds around your home, it is wise to seek a termite control service near you.

Flying Termites

Flying termites is one of the main signs of termite infestation. The flying termites are mostly male or females who leave the nest to find a new mate and establish a new colony. In most cases, this colony is close to your home.

It would be best if you also took note of some termites which fly at night. These termites are attracted to light. Conversely, most swarms of dry wood termites mainly fly after rains. Apart from flying, you can find some cast-off wings. Finding discarded wings means that the flying termites have found suitable mates and have settled for a colony.

White Ants

If you are not careful, you might end up confusing white ants with termites. Confusion is possible because of the similarities between the two insects exhibit. Termites have a lighter color compared to a more visible color for the white ants. Besides, the antennae of a termite are straight while the white ant has bent antennae.

It is also important to note that both insects fly. However, you should note that the white ant is a misconception. Therefore, if you see an insect that resembles a white ant, you should note that you have a termite issue.

Hollow Wood

The style of consumption exhibited by termites is inside out. This means that they eat wood from the inside and leaves the thin outer part. When you tap on your wood, you might feel some papery or hollow sound. This means that your wood is already affected by termites.

Wood Tunnels

Tunnels made by termite in the wood are also known as galleries. Although they are hard to see from outside, they are visible in any broken timber around your house. If you see such a sign, it is time you noted that you have termites around your home. If you are tech-savvy, various technologies can help you detect termite activity in your house.

Presence of Frass

Frass is a terminology used to refer to termite droppings. Mostly, dry wood termites do not use their droppings to build tunnels. As such, when carrying out an inspection, it is easy to note the presence of frass. This means that termites might have infested your wood.

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