Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom is probably the space in your home where you spend most of your time. Between your sleep, morning preparations, and after school or work lounging, your bedroom is the space that will see you at your most relaxed. This personal space must reflect your personality and tastes; after all, your bedroom is the den in which you can be yourself. Therefore, you will want to decorate this space using the accessories, tones, colors, and materials most likely to create an atmosphere in which you will feel at peace. Here are a few ways to make a perfect, stylish space out of your master bedroom.

1. A Touch Of Nature

The presence of plants in your space can be therapeutic because they purify the air, and, according to ancient Chinese spirituality, improve the flow of energy in your space. Potted plants give you something alive to care for, without necessitating too much attention or effort. You will be excited to see your plant thrive, and in return, it will bring an organic, green touch to your room. Bedroom plants are particularly compatible with minimalist interiors and neutral, clean tones such as white, grey, and shades of pale shades of blue.

2. Art Belongs In Your Room

Decorative art, such as painting or sculptures, is often thought to belong in the living room. However, the atmosphere and flair of your master bedroom are just as important. Whether you wish to enjoy it alone or with a partner, an artfully-decorated bedroom will make the time you spend there more stimulating. You can invest in a large painting or framed poster that can be placed right above your bed, or on the wall you face while in bed.

If you’re looking for something faintly nostalgic and timeless, opt for enlarged black and white photographs, or simple nature paintings. For something a little more intriguing, an abstract, colorful painting with a strong wooden frame can dress up your entire wall. You will want the details of your room to complement this art; if your chosen painting has undertones of a color you love (e.g., red), you’ll want to use splashes of different tints of this color pillowcases, picture frames, hangers or lamps.

3. Glamorous Lighting

Nothing screams luxury like quality lighting. If you’re looking for something trendy and modern, you can opt for LED lights. There are “bendable” LED lights available on the market, which you can shape to spell a word or create a unique figure. If you’ve got the option of remodeling your space, you can build in-wall installations where your lightbulbs can be encrusted. You can also opt for vine-like “midnight lights,” which mimic Christmas decorations and the starry skies all at once.  Or consider options like a Candle Warmer Lamp.

4. Candle Heaven

Candles aren’t just great for the senses; they’re lovely decoration accessories. You can get candles of almost any coloring and an increased variety of shapes. Candle-light offers a soft, warm, and intimate alternative to artificial light, perfect for romantic evenings or relaxing lounging. The more candles you have, the more of a golden-hued atmosphere you will be able to create by lighting them. Check out for some fresh options of candles for your bedroom and home.

5. Extravagant Bed

An extravagant bed doesn’t just mean a fantastic mattress or bed frame; it also entails bedding materials, such as the covers, sheets, and duvets. The more pillows you have, the snugger and comfier your bed will appear. Instead of investing in huge, thick cushions, consider having several of different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Make sure to use only a couple of different colors for your bedding to avoid shades clashing against each other. The more colorful your pillowcases and duvet, the more muted you will want your sheets to be.

6. Portraits Are Tasteful And Inspiring

If you have a portrait picture you love, whether of yourself, a relative, or a model or famous figure now is the time to make use of it. Your local printer will be able to print it in almost any size you require without compromising its quality. You will then need to frame and case it (glass casing is usually an add-on offered by framing services) and can then hang it on the wall. The older the picture, the more you will need some color-correction done to ensure it has a visually-striking effect soon as you enter the room.

7. Holiday Mementos Can Make You Happy

Holiday souvenirs are perfect accessory decorations because they are often intriguing, discreet, but bright and colorful. If you’ve purchased clothes, books, artisan jewelry, or hats on your holidays abroad, think of creating a miniature wall gallery with either pins or hooks to hang them. Your items should be spaced apart, to make sure each memento is visible on its own. You can also get creative with clothes and scarves, which can be draped around lamps and chairs casually to give them a more unique, tasteful flair.