How to Wear a Lanyard


A number of people dislike wearing lanyards because of the whole idea of having them around their neck. This especially happens with students who loathe the idea of having IDs in the first place. However, this shouldn’t be the case since there are plenty of fashionable ways to do it other than having a strap on your neck. 

In this article, we are going to highlight a number of cool lanyard ideas that you could use to stay trendy while still having your lanyard at reach. 

In addition to wearing branded lanyards in cool ways, you can try custom lanyards and make the lanyards fashionable in your own way. Custom can meet your different needs for lanyards. For example, if you need some lanyards for business or events, you can design the lanyards with your company name or logo. They would be great branding tools. Or if you are an anime lover, you can also customize the lanyard with your favorite anime characters. These custom lanyards with a personal touch are also great gifts for anime lovers. Besides, you can choose styles, sizes, colors, stitches, accessories, buckles, etc. according to the function of the lanyard. You can see more cool and stylish customized lanyards at



If you regularly use your lanyard accessories like the ID or keys, it would be a great idea to have it around your wrist. Other than keeping your identification as close as it can be, the lanyard can also compliment your wrist accessories. Moreover, you get a chance to spread the gospel about your brand easily. 

Hanging it from your Pocket 

Wear the lanyard from your pocket? Yeah, all you have to do is let it hang on the outside. This is also an easy way to keep your lanyard close enough to produce it any moment the need arises. An impressive thing about this style is that it is simple yet fashionable. It is almost the same as having your lanyard inside your bag but at a close reach. Additionally, it lets you display your identity or brand to everyone you come across without having to talk about it. 

Hanging from your Bag 

Hanging your lanyard from the bag mostly leans towards students that dislike the idea of having the lanyard around the neck. You simply insert your ID or keys inside the backpack and let your branded lanyard hang over communicating who you are wherever you go. 

Around the Hand 

If you only need your ID a few times a day, then you definitely won’t need to have it hanging around your neck or bag all day. You go for the alternative of wrapping it around your hand and stashing it in your coat or bag when not in use. 

Belt Loop 

Perhaps the idea of having the lanyard on your belt may sound out of this world but it’s not like you are going to wrap the lanyard around your waist. This is an old way of keeping important accessories like keys or identity cards safe and at a close reach. You could hook the lanyard on one of the belt’s loops and draw to keep your brand displayed in a fashionable way. 

Wear it as Sash 

If you are tired and sick of having the lanyard moving back and forth around your chest, maybe it is time you have it under your arm. Other than having it around your neck, you could have it slipped over your arm and let it lie under the other arm. This way you could get it out of the way while still keeping it at your reach. 

There you go. Pick your favorite way to wear your lanyard. Remember to keep it fashionable all the way. After all, it does not have to be boring when you wear your badge.

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