How to Efficiently Save Bathroom Space


Despite being the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is also the most challenging area to decorate. Minimum square footage means you have to be pretty well versed with design to get all the elements just right. Fortunately, you don’t need to have a degree in interior design to successfully spruce up a small bathroom.

For limited spaces, a simple tweak in design can do a whole lot of change to the overall appeal and look of a comfort room. Efficient lighting, for example, lights up an otherwise-cinched space and makes the room look bigger. Hanging racks and clever shelving ideas are also common to free up surface space. These ideas are functional not only for bathroom and make it appear bigger. In the same way, there are many small bedroom storage ideas that you can implement to make use of small space.

The following suggestions below are just some of the bathroom saving tips collected for you in this guide so you can start your bathroom remodeling project soon with little to no cost.

Make Use of Wall Space

When floor surface is finite, there’s often only too much you can do as far furniture is concerned. Your sink can already take up an eighth of the whole space that an additional cabinet will only look massive and out of place.

A common solution to this equally common bathroom space dilemma is to utilize vertical wall surfaces. You can attach hanging racks to the back of your bathroom door and placeholders for your common bathroom items.

Open shelves also look better than closed cabinets do. Adding huge mirrors to the walls creates the illusion of a bigger space. Use wall-to-wall vanities instead of multiple mirrors to save up surface space for storage.

Get Creative with Colors

Dark colors effectively close up space, but depending on what kind of style you’re going for, dark colors can be cleverly combined with pastel hues to soften their tone while keeping their edge. Though the most common advice for hiding a small space is often to paint your room with lighter shades, it doesn’t always apply.

Some rooms are just too small that there’s no hiding it. In this case, choose a moody color palette using color-blocking techniques to make any space feel more open.

Consider Ladder Shelves

A design hack that takes advantage of how the brain perceives visual stimuli is the use of diagonal lines. In a room where there’s a limited square area, having a shelving unit that tapers to the top takes out the bulk of storage that usually comes with blocky wall cabinets. Simply place containers on the open shelves to put your soaps, towels, and bath essentials. Tiered storage shelves work as well.

Use Ergonomically Designed Bathroom Fixtures

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of an object, consider the functionality of the things you will use in the bathroom. For example, buy toilet installations that are compact in design so they can easily fit in small spaces.

If there is extra space in your bathroom, you can exploit those for storage. You can purchase a freestanding rack to shelve magazine and toiletries, squeeze in a thin rolling shelf, or install a ladder shelf.

Use Your Curtain Rods

A handy way to store your bath essentials while making them easily accessible at the same time is to use clips you can attach to the curtain rods. On the other end, clip your shampoos, liquid bath soaps, and washes where they are easily within reach. This way, you won’t have to buy new storage, your things are easier to find, and you free up surface space.

Breath Life into a Small Space Using Plants

A piece of thriving green can breathe life into the smallest of spaces, in the same way, a flower growing on a road crack can be very mesmerizing. By putting a bit of greenery into your bathroom, you can tune out the claustrophobic appeal, especially if the bathroom has no window.

It can be a challenge to find indoor species that thrive with your bathroom’s constantly changing atmosphere. Low light and high humidity, as well as changing temperatures, mean only certain species can survive. Here’s a good guide to choosing houseplants you can easily buy.

Final Word

You don’t have to remodel the whole area to get a nice-looking bath. Neither do you need to raid the bank to achieve a lovely, refreshing, personal space. All you need are a few tricks and a little bit of patience to experiment until you refine the details to your own idea of perfection. Feel free to tinker with these tips to free up room space in your small bathroom.

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