Things to Remember When Buying a House


Buying a home can be super exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, especially if you are buying for the first time.

I still remember my first buying experience, I was so terrified and confused about what to do and where to start. The only reason I managed to get a perfect house was because of my luck.

Somehow, I managed to identify what mistakes I did and certain things that I did not pay attention to. With the past experience and mistakes that I did, I am able to jot down a list of things that everyone should remember when buying a house.

5 Things to remember when buying a house

1. Loans

Not all of us will be able to afford all the cost by ourselves. Most of us will actually feel a bit more confident taking a loan and paying back at a slower pace.

When it comes to taking a loan from the bank or even from online lenders, you must consider your credit score. Your credit score plays an extremely important role when it comes to getting your loan approved. There are many reasons why you should check your credit first before buying a house. One of the reasons is because it is considered your ability to pay back the loan properly on time.  If you have a bad credit score Mortgage CWF can help you secure a bad credit loan.

2. Negotiation

The house contract papers look like “standard” home buying contract papers and you will have to sign on them when buying a house. These papers look so standard that you might get fooled and think they cannot be negotiated.

That is not true at all! The contracts are meant to be negotiated and you do not have to sign any standard agreement. If you want, then you can waive a radon test, take time to review your inspection, make a purchase subject to a mortgage approval, as a part of the deal.  You will want to have someone like Cathy Cattell Australia  on your side.

3. Get an Agent

When going out for house shopping, get yourself a house buying agent to accompany you. Make sure the agent you hire goes well with you and that he/she is highly skilled and knowledgeable on that area.

Remember this when getting a buyer’s agent, if the agent’s contract does not specify that it is strictly a buyer’s agent agreement, then you should assume he/she will not be your representative and will be a seller’s representative.  You can also check out The HMO Mortgage Broker as well for a great option.

4. Think about the commitment

Usually, when buying a new house as married couples, the law of your state determines how the assets will be treated and distributed in the case of a divorce.

However, you do not have to necessarily be married to buy a house. If you are buying the house with a partner who is not your spouse, then remember to think about an exit plan just in case the things do not go well between both of you. Set up an agreement in place to titling, liability, repairs, and mortgage payments, get them in writing. (Yes, it is best to hire a lawyer for this).

5. Your relative’s advice is not a law

The moment you announce that you want to buy a new house, your friends and relatives will come to you with all kinds of advice. Remember that what they suggest might be true in the past and not good anymore.

If they happen to come and advise you, then it is up to you to take it or not, but in case you turn it down, do it in a way that will not hurt their feelings.  Also be sure to consider other factors as this building and pest inspection in Brisbane is suggesting.


Buying a new house is not going to be easy and you will go through various thoughts. It will be difficult and confusing at first, but with time and proper research, you will be able to find yourself your home sweet home.

I hope these pieces of advice will help you out. Good luck!


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