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Many people consider coin collecting as one of the most valuable hobbies today, as some of the oldest coins have more than double or triple their actual value today mainly because these coins are quite rare and are highly collectible. However, in order to further increase the value of old or ancient coins, you would often have to inspect them thoroughly to know what year or decade the coins were created and to also see if they have any flaws.

One of the best ways to inspect or examine coins is through a microscope, which can magnify your view of different things, including the markings found on coins. Because of how popular microscopes are for coin inspections, manufacturers have started producing microscopes that are optimal for examining coins for flaws or irregularities.

If you are looking for a great microscope for coin collectors, there are now dozens of them that you can find online and in hobby stores, and some of these microscopes have features that enable them to really stand out from the rest. Here are some of the best microscopes that you can use for coins.

Celestron 5 MP Digital Microscope Pro

One of the best USB microscopes for coin inspections is the Celestron 5 MP Digital Microscope Pro, a relatively affordable gadget that you should have on your desk if you are a coin collector. What’s great about the Celestron microscope is that it is digital, which means that you can already take photos and videos of your coins through the gadget without the need to mount a smartphone or camera. In addition, the Celestron is also easy to assemble, so you can already use it minutes after opening the box.

To help you create a series of photos, the microscope has a built-in intervalometer for accurate time intervals in taking photographs. To power up the microscope, all you need to do is to connect it to a USB charger or to your computer. The downside to the Celestron microscope is that its stand can be quite short, which makes it uncomfortable to view through the scope for long periods of time. However, if you want a compact microscope on your desk, the Celestron may be the best option for you.

AmScope SE306R-AZ Forward Mounted Microscope

microscope for inspecting bank notes and coins

For those that want a microscope that has powerful magnification, the AmScope SE306R-AZ is the best microscope for them to try. The AmScope SE306R-AZ is a forward-mounted microscope that has stereo scopes for optimum inspections of coins since you can use two of your eyes instead of one for viewing. Besides the 20x magnification features, the AmScope is also capable of 80x magnification that can be used to examine coins in better detail.

Inspecting the coins for mint marks is incredibly easy with the AmScope microscope, as you will see the finer details of the coins and check if there are flaws or inconsistencies with the markings. The AmScope has a 45-degree incline so that kids will have an easier time viewing coins through the microscope. So, you could say that the AmScope is versatile when it comes to who it is suitable for.

But, the cons of the AmScope are that it has tiny screws on the lenses that make it a little bit fragile, and it is also susceptible to overheating when its built-in halogen lights are overused. However, if you are careful in using the microscope and you only use the halogen lights for short intervals, the AmScope may be the best one to buy for your coin collection.

Richter Optica S2D-SPS Digital Stereo Microscope

 antique Chinese coin

If you have the budget to buy high-tier microscopes for coins, then you should get the Richter Optica S2D-SPS, a digital stereo microscope that is packed with great features and is considered a top choice for the most avid coin collectors. This microscope has 10x and 30x magnification, which is sufficient for coin inspections. It also has an LED ring light to provide illumination on the coins you like to inspect.

If you have coins that are hard to inspect with a white background, the Richter Optica provides you with a black stage plate. Much like the Celestron microscope, the Richter Optica microscope has a built-in digital camera that will allow you to capture and save images of the coins you inspected. But, unlike the Celestron, the Richter Optica has a much longer stand that makes it more comfortable for hours of viewing and coin inspections. The only drawback to this digital microscope is that it is quite pricey, but if you are a big-time coin collector, you should save money to get this gadget since it will be very useful for your hobby.

Plugable USB Digital Microscope

markings on an antique coin

If you collect coins strictly as a hobby and not for business or investment purposes, then an affordable microscope is great for you to have since it won’t break the bank and can still be great to use for coin inspections depending on its brand or model. The most affordable microscope that we think is also one of the best for coin inspections is the Plugable Digital Microscope, a mono microscope that can be powered up using a USB charger or through a computer.

The Plugable USB Digital Microscope has a 2MP sensor that is capable of 250x magnification, although you only need lower magnification levels to make the microscope ideal for coin examinations. The great thing about this digital microscope is that it can live stream whatever you are inspecting through a TV or PC so that you have a much bigger screen to examine various details of your coins.

This microscope is also one of the lightest you can buy today, so if you are planning to inspect coins and other objects while on a road trip or at a friend’s house, you can easily bring the microscope with you by packing it inside your backpack. If you are viewing coins at night or in the dark, the microscope has built-in LED lighting for illumination. The drawback of the Plugable microscope is that it can have balanced issues, so you have to hold it while viewing. But if you want to prioritize portability and price, the Plugable Digital Microscope is still an ideal choice.

These are four of the best microscopes that you can use for coin microscopy or inspections. The microscopes we have mentioned above belong in different price ranges, so you will have the opportunity to get a great microscope even if you have a tight budget.

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