Samsung Frame TV – What’s the Real Deal?


Buying a new TV these days is no simple task. With the myriad of choices with similar offerings readily available, selecting that variant or brand that can please your needs can be tough. However, if you are actually on the lookout for an exceptional TV that is distinctly one of a kind, then Samsung Frame TV could be the right choice for you.

The famous Samsung Frame TV has a 55-inch diameter and mimics the look of a photo frame. It is designed to be wall-mounted but it also comes with a table stand for a more flexible experience. Moreover, a Samsung Frame TV package also has a Samsung One Connect box with a variety of connectivity ports and a free transparent cable that will serve as the bridge onto the television. This eliminates spaghetti-wiring and instead achieves a neat and classy TV display. As these ports are made accessible, owners will also no longer have to struggle to stick flash drives at the back of their televisions.  You can easily avail tv antenna installation service at your home with the help of homecoms.

Samsung Frame TV is not an Android-powered technology. Instead, it uses a custom Tizen operating system and an interface that is more user-friendly and easier to use than Android operated televisions. Besides getting to enjoy Prime Video, Netflix, and all the trendy entertainment apps, Samsung Frame TV also functions as a television that captures popular TV shows or plays your favorite video files.

The Features of Samsung Frame TV

 One of the most distinguishing features of Samsung Frame TV technology is that the screen does not go completely black when you switch it off. Instead, it shows different sensible artworks. The very best part about it is that you can acquire several of those artworks too since Samsung has partnered with different art galleries and artists all over the world to give you accessibility to hundreds of stunning and charming pieces you can conveniently and digitally display in your house. On top of that, you can also have the alternative to change the frames or bezel of your television by connecting different colored magnetic frames that can be connected on the sides.

Moreover, Samsung Frame TV has various other features that are sure to lure you to buy one for your house. For instance, it has this function that enables you to mirror your smartphone to your TV. You will get to appreciate this feature whenever you simply want to go down on the memory lane, viewing a slideshow of photos from your previous trips and vacations with loved ones.

Samsung Frame TV additionally lets you connect to your office PC, enabling you to resume working even at the comfort of your own home. It has a devoted internet browser where you can manage clever lights from the TV itself.

Samsung Frame TV is not just about the extent of awesomeness e a Smart TV can offer, but also how it can provide extraordinary entertainment. And as Samsung Frame TV suppliers strive to come up with more functions without sacrificing the quality of the audio visual display, they gain more reasons to implement a higher price mark-up.

Samsung Frame TV’s Art Mode

Talking about Samsung Frame TV’s top edge, a lot of suppliers brag of its Art Mode. This feature enables the display of artworks and pre-selected photos of your liking whenever the television is on stand by or idle mode. Owners can get to enjoy up to 100 digital photographs and artworks that come free in the Samsung Frame TV package or they can subscribe to the Art Store for a wider and classier collection of artworks, prints, photographs, and a lot more for a fixed monthly price. This feature can be accessed through the television settings or through the Smart View application of Samsung that can be downloaded both from the Apple Store and Play Store.

Moreover, the Art Mode of Samsung Frame TV features an ambient light sensor which makes it possible for the television to auto adjust its display saturation and brightness. This feature ensures that the displayed artworks do not turn out dull or bright under different lighting conditions. But then again, this is only enabled whenever Art Mode is activated and not at times you are actively watching movies or shows.

The only downside of the Art Mode feature is that it does not allow a random display of the digital images. Developers claim that this is intended to keep the metaphor of the frame which is only bound to break if the watcher looks at the image at the front angle. Because of this, owners will be inclined to select the masterpieces and artworks to be displayed on their televisions.

If you want to know how the television has evolved from a big and bulky machine into a thin device, check out The Evolution of the Television Set.

To buy or not to buy a Samsung Frame TV?

 Samsung was able to pull off a truly intriguing concept very well in spite of the capabilities and constraints of current technology. Samsung Frame TV’s Art Setting could appear like a lame entertainment or trick to some but it is one that can truly transform a living room into a magnificent and luxurious one. Its unique offering will definitely draw a lot of interest whenever you have visitors over. Meanwhile, it is believed that Samsung will most likely present newer and more awesome features in the future.

The only downside of their Art Mode feature is how it eats up power to work. For example, a 55-inch Samsung Frame TV utilizes 46.9 watts of power in Art Mode alone while a 65-inch Samsung Frame TV consumes 48.8 watts of power for it. When calculated, these already account for 31% and  27%  of the energy required for a normal TV mode, respectively.

It cannot be denied how Samsung Frame TV aces when it comes to functioning as a leveled-up TV but if you are the type of user that watches TV more often than leaving it on stand by, then you might want to consider going for the standard LED TV instead as it is a more cost-efficient option for your case – unless you have more than enough budget for a TV and you want to experience an elevated entertainment which is what Samsung Frame TV is all about.

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