How much does it cost to repair an automatic driveway gate?


Upgrading from a manual to an automated gate for your driveway is an excellent idea. Apart from enhancing security, it makes things easier. Selecting professional installers is the best option to ensure the gate functions effectively. Installing the electric gates in your home will improve the outdoor aesthetics and add value to your home. So, if you plan to sell the property later, it is a profitable home improvement project. Still, it is essential to use experts during installation for safety and longevity. Frequent electric gate repair and maintenance will ensure durability.

Neglecting to care of the gate hardware will lead to faster degradation and may cause it to malfunction. Electric gates are mechanical and require you to take a proactive approach to their care. Most people fail to undertake repairs and maintenance to automated gates because they fear it will be costly. But it is not the case because the long-term costs will be huge if you do not take the necessary steps to maintain the items in good condition. It is more affordable to repair or replace components than to install an entire system. The issues will start small and escalate if you do not fix them. In our subsequent sections, we will examine the cost of repairing an automatic driveway gate. Read on to gain valuable insights.

The Costs of Repairing an Automatic Driveway Gate

It is essential to budget for your electric gate repair when thinking of purchasing one for your driveway. Factoring in the future expenses will help you know what to expect with the home improvement initiative. Automated gates are mechanical and will require frequent repairs. It would be wrong to assume that the components will degrade and not function as they initially were. However, the problem will determine the amount you pay for gate hardware repairs and maintenance. If the issue is electrical, the technician will likely charge you hourly. Sometimes the problem may be small, like replacing the motor. At the same time, repairing the control access system will be more expensive since they are sensitive components and requires highly skilled technicians.

What to Expect

With a background knowledge of what to expect when installing automatic gates, we will break down the expected costs when repairing them. Here is what to expect when budgeting for repairs;

  • Inspection costs: a professional technician should inspect your electric gate frequently to identify problems. The experts will charge you a fee for the service and report on their diagnostics. Their findings will determine the action to take and other costs to incur.
  • Repair costs: after evaluating the system, a technician will recommend the repairs and maintenance tasks. It is a different cost from the inspection services. The most common duties include lubrication and fixing faulty components. A technician will charge depending on the work they will be doing and the skills it takes to accomplish the tasks.
  • Replacements: replacing components will cost you as you need to buy new items to ensure the system performs optimally.


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