How to Pick the Best Rug Cleaning


Are you looking for rug cleaners in Newport Beach, CA? While carpet cleaning is more common, you also might want to have your area rugs treated at the same time or just rugs themselves. Fun Fact: it’s believed the world’s oldest pile rug is Pazyryk carpet from Siberia, which dates back to 4th or 5th century BC.

When picking the best rug cleaning here’s what to look for:

1. Coupons

Some rug cleaners offer coupons for getting all carpets/rugs cleaned in the house. The total cost will be higher but you could save a lot of money versus having each room cleaned in the house. For example, if you’re just considering having one or two area rugs cleaned it might be worth getting them all cleaned if coupons are offered.

2. Other non-carpet services

There are other possible ones like upholstery and air ducts. This allows you to get them all cleaned from one company. It can save time and effort by hiring one company to clean all of them at one time.

3. Good prices/value

These are both important features to look for when selecting rug cleaners near me. It helps to find low prices offered by companies. However, that’s just the start. You should also consider the value you’re getting for rug cleaning.

For example, you might receive a discount if you get all rugs in your home cleaned at one time. This will cost more but can help you save money overall. Make sure to ask about such discounts so you can save money on rug cleaning.

4. Rug-cleaning experience

There’s some crossover between carpets and rugs but they’re not 100% similar. This involves some possible differences like the size, material, and function, for example, area rugs are often used for decoration and are located in places like main door, restroom, and living room.

So it’s important for a company to specifically offer rug-cleaning services. This will help to provide the best results and make sure your rugs and carpets are all as clean as possible.

5. Convenient location/hours

Make sure to look for a company that actually has a location in the Newport Beach area. This can help in different ways like emergency cleaning and fast service. Meanwhile, if you have to wait several hours to get services from rug cleaners near me it could cause basic stains to become tough stains.

Another issue is the hours of operation. Make sure to look for companies you can call 24/7 to schedule an appointment. This is an effective way to help keep your carpets, rugs, and upholstery looking as clean as possible.

6. Lots of experience

As always it’s best to go with best rug cleaning that’s been around a while. This could be several years, 10+ years, and so on. What’s important is to go with experienced companies versus startups and others launched this year, for example.

This will provide the company with know-how and experience to deliver the best results. There’s no substitute for industry experience to deal with rare situations, for example. An experienced company will know best how to deal with them.

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