5 Hardware Styles to Pair With Deep-Blue Shaker Cabinets

Choosing a style cabinet for your kitchen can be tough, but deciding on the hardware – knobs and pulls – can be even tougher. Deep-blue shaker cabinets are a great choice for any kitchen space. It’s trendy and the color can create visual appeal on its own and when paired with complementary design elements.

Cabinet hardware may seem like nothing special, but when it comes to kitchen design, you can bring a look together with these small, yet effective design elements. There is no shortage of styles and finishes when it comes to knobs and pulls. Here are five hardware styles to consider for your deep-blue shaker cabinets.

1. Blue-Black Cabinets & Polished Nickel Hardware

Kitchen cabinets that are classic shaker style with beaded inset and upper glass doors help to lighten up an inky blue-black palette and if the interiors of the cabinets are stained oak, this will add some desired warmth to your kitchen space.

Why does polished nickel hardware work? Polished nickel is plating on brass that is polished and it’s warm in tone and has a luxurious finish. This hardware complements the simple, clean lines of shaker cabinets and whether the style of shaker cabinet is vintage or modern, it works to enhance that timeless appeal.

2. Blue-Gray Cabinets & Dark Oiled-Bronze Hardware

If your kitchen cabinets are a simple and unembellished shaker style and are inset, featuring hidden hinges helps to create a streamlined design for a contemporary home. Deep gray-blue cabinets with hardware finish that is dark oiled bronze will read as dark or black, yet the combination is unfussy and simple.

Oil-bronze work because the black tones complement the cabinets’ gray tone and with identical pulls and knobs on both doors and drawers, the design is simple and the modern appeal is enhanced.

3. Cobalt Cabinets & Copper Hardware

Cobalt kitchen cabinets that feature shaker-style doors with glass panels have a touch of traditional style.

The color is energetic and refreshing and copper hardware matches beautifully. This pairing works because the reddish tones in the copper hardware enhance the warm reds and purples in the cobalt cabinets. The copper pops against the cobalt as well for a stunning overall look.

4. Indigo Cabinets & Stainless Steel Hardware

Indigo streamlined cabinets featuring slab drawers and shaker-style doors are a great way to modernize classic shaker-style cabinets. Stainless steel hardware, such as bar pulls are contemporary, but on these cabinets, they also add a retro-modern touch. It’s a combination that has a minimalist flair and is a popular choice as well.

5. Navy Blue Cabinets & Antiqued Brass Hardware

When working with cabinets that are partial overlay shaker style featuring beaded insets, antiquated brass hardware can do the trick.

This hardware will add shine and warmth to your kitchen space and establish a traditional tone, but if paired with the right contemporary design elements, it could help to create a transitional style kitchen. Whether it’s the classic bin pulls or pyramid-shaped knobs, brass hardware can spice up your cool navy-blue kitchen cabinets and enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

There are many ways to jazz up your deep-blue shaker cabinets no matter the shade. Your choice in hardware can add the finishing touch to elevate the look of your kitchen space. Consider your style kitchen, color, and style cabinets when making a choice in hardware. Your options are plentiful so choose wisely.