8 Home Made Remedies To Clean Your Carpet And Make It Last Longer


Fluffy carpets make our homes feel cozier. But if it is not cleaned properly it will look like an old rag in no time. To keep all its fluffiness intact we have to clean it routinely.

Carpets can get dirty very fast. Due to the materials usually used to weave the carpets, The materials are generally highly absorbent and are vulnerable to all kinds of stains. Dust, dirt particles, and mites settle in the carpet fibers over time and allow the carpet to age faster. That is why frequent vacuuming and proper cleaning is so important.

But rest assured as we are going to cover everything you need to know about carpet cleaning to make it last longer.

Why Is It Important To Know About The Carpet Material?

To properly care for your carpet it is important to know the material your carpet is made of. Besides, it is easier to assess its quality and durability. Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers and some can also be made of polyester, polypropylene, or nylon.

But there are plenty of high-quality carpets available in the market that are made of natural materials like seagrass, coconut fiber, jute, and wool.

Synthetic materials can be very durable and dirt-repellent. While wool is not very- resistant to dirt and moisture, it can be easily cleaned and is very durable. Before you start cleaning the carpet with carpet cleaners, high-pressure devices, or other means, you should definitely check whether the material of your carpet is suitable for that kind of processing.

To make things easier for you there are different types of carpet cleaners, you can check out bestsearchadvisor to find the best one for you.

Tips for washing your carpet

The carpets are not only vulnerable to odor and stains, but they are also a magnet for germs and mites. To prevent your carpet from being a nest of dirt follow these tips-

1. Vacuum Twice A Week

This one is quite obvious but a lot of people don’t quite pay attention to it and then have to rely on professional cleaning after a few months which can be expensive depending on the size and material of the carpet.

It also clears away dust easily so that you don’t have to worry about mites or anyone having an allergic reaction to dust.

You don’t have to vacuum every day. For intense cleaning use the brush mode if your vacuum cleaner has one. But if your carpet is old and fragile, just do a normal sweep with the vacuum cleaner.

2. Apply Sparkling Water And Baking Soda To Brighten Colors

Over time your carpet will lose its color even if you vacuum it regularly. To get back it’s shine you don’t have to go buy expensive products or miracle stain removers. Just look around your kitchen and you might find everything you need.

You can revive the shine of your carpet with a combination of sparkling water and baking soda.

Using a sponge, soak your carpet in sparkling water, then brush it gently using a brush. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes, then sprinkle baking soda over the entire carpet. Once the bicarbonate is a dry, vacuum, and admire the results!

3. Use Shaving Foam To Clean A Stained Carpet

Stains are absolute nightmares. It will cost you a lot if you don’t act quickly enough. You don’t have to rely on a carpet foam all the time. All you need is shaving foam.

Put this on the stain and slowly rub it in with a brush. Then suck off the agent. But be careful; the shaving cream should not contain any colors or methanol.

4. Use Vinegar For Greasy Stains

Especially recommended for grease stains, this inexpensive trick is really easy to pull off.

In a container, prepare a mixture of 500 ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of lukewarm water, and 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Use a sponge absorbed with the mixture, clean the entire carpet in squares of 20 centimeters. Rinse with a damp cloth and let the magic happen!

5. Baking Soda To Remove Dirt

Another easy way to clean off dirt would be to use baking soda. Areas that are partially soiled can be cleaned simply with baking soda from the kitchen. Sprinkle the powder on a particular part of the entire surface of the carpet, use luke water to soak the areas and then urgently brush off the entire carpet

After several hours, the powder can simply be suctioned off. You can also clean with commercially available cleaning powders and special brushing machines. In that case, they might have different instructions but you can get almost the same result with this easy home remedy.

6. Use Soda Crystals To Eliminate Spots

You don’t need to rub vigorously or use powerful cleaners to clean your carpet. In fact, they can damage the fabric of the carpet instead.

But you can rest assured if you use soda crystals. Clean your carpet using a solution made up of lukewarm water and soda crystals (1L of water for a cup of crystals). To do this, use a soaked sponge and rub it on the noticeable spots.

Finish the operation by rinsing the carpet with a cloth moistened with clear water.

7. Use Ice To Remove Gums And Chocolates

Treatment with ice helps against chocolate or chewing gum on the carpet. To do this, place a cold pack or a bag of ice cubes on the soiled area. Then you can easily crumble off the solidified chocolate or chewing gum or scrape it off with a knife. Any residues can be washed out with soapy water.

8. Avoid Putting Shoes On The Carpet

Wet shoes and muddy rubber boots are carpet killers. Even with the most powerful cleaners, you will have a rough time getting your carpet back to its prior condition.

To avoid all these hassles and expenses simply ask everyone to leave their shoes at the entrance. Prevention is certainly better than cure in cases like these.

Final Thoughts

A carpet can greatly complement any room. Over time it will certainly lose its color and warmth but a little maintenance can make it last a long time. Be sure to consider our homemade remedies to keep your carpet clean in the least expensive way possible.

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