How to Organize A Messy Garage


We all know that a garage is not a place where only our vehicles and other relative things rest but also other stuff, whether from our kitchen or bedroom, that shares some space there. In short, we can call our garages a secondary store room because of our habit of putting everything necessary or unnecessary in there. And because of this habit, we make this very front thing messy. Therefore let’s talk about garage door maintenance and organizing today and know how you can make this big task a small one by breaking it into small chunks of work. So, are you ready to learn? If yes, then read on to find out!

1. Prepare A List

The very first thing that you need to do is go and make a list of everything that is there in your garage. Even if it is just a nail, include its name in the last – don’t leave anything out! After making a list, analyze it properly, highlight things you think are of no use, and fill up the space. If you do this thing continuously, it will not take more than one hour. You cannot only highlight the unnecessary stuff. But also take them out of the garage if some are lightweight or in front of you. It will cover up half of your work.

2. Eliminate Packaging

There is no doubt that many of us keep the garage tools or other things in their original packaging – the way we have bought them, and because of this, these things cover more space than they should. Therefore take out the tools from their original packaging and then keep them together in a toolbox or at any other place in a well-organized manner. But before that, don’t forget to clean or wipe that place or box to eliminate the dirt.

3. Bring Some Boxes

Taking packaging off things is not a big deal, but getting the right containers for them could be because you get too small a box, then it will be a waste of money, and if you get a big one, it might be a waste of space as well. Avoid this situation and save money and time by getting boxes or containers according to the size of the tools. If you don’t want to spend your money, you can also use the fruit or veggie boxes that have no use or work in your kitchen.

4. Install Shelves

You can install shelves or cabinets there if you have a large or very spacious garage. It is completely optional if you don’t have enough money or space. Installing cabinets can make your garage look more organized and prevent things or tools from spilling/coming out of their places. Further, you can save money in cabinet installments if you have enough time and skill to complete shelf installation yourself.

5. Garage Door Maintenance

Take a sigh of relief because you are almost done organizing your messy garage. However, don’t hold your breath as there is still a bit more because a little work is left. Have you checked whether your garage door works? If not, you must remember to do so to ensure the maintenance of your garage door. Garage door maintenance is very important because if you don’t, you might have a lot more expenditure if anyone steals some or all of your important things or unwanted repairs.

6. Cleaning

It is going to be the final step that you have to take while organizing your garage. What step? Cleaning and wiping. Yes, after organizing things and installing the shelves, there will be a lot of dirt and litter on the garage floor. Thus to make your garage clean and tidy, take a broom, remove all the debris, and then wipe the floor. Now, you’re done with organizing your garage!

So, this is how you can reorganize your garage. Now, give it a good look! These are very simple steps that you can perform anytime. Now, don’t waste your time and help make your garage door nice and clean again! With these handy steps, you have no excuse to let your garage remain messy. A few hours of cleaning is worth the work!

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