How to Stain Deck Railings


Having an aesthetically pleasing home is the goal of many homeowners but having an outdoor area where the family can position plants, have an outdoor shelter, or have additional space for entertaining is a good idea, a veranda. However, a veranda will not be as attractive without the railings and not just the customary railings, but top quality and of a high standard. Adding a veranda railing will not just keep the occupants safe but add value to the property. The question is, what do you need to consider when choosing a veranda railing? Here are some leads to consider.

Railing Materials

The good thing about veranda railings is that you are free to choose materials as there are available top-quality materials on the market. Durable, strong, and reliable materials must be in your options. There are wood railings, iron, and steel. One top choice is the aluminum railings that are well known nowadays because it is not only beautifully designed but have a long-lasting and weather-resistant quality. It is created with a powder coating during manufacture that surpasses expectations.


There are standard colours to choose from, such as tan, white or dark colours, but you need to consider what paint colour will blend in with the view, the theme of your home, and what you think will make your home and the rest of your property stand out. Silvers and whites can provide a more contemporary look, but if you have a liking for the rustic appeal, greens or brown colours will do.

Although some homeowners prefer staining their railings instead of painting them, it will depend on the preference as others want it uncomplicated, and staining the railings will provide a simple yet stylish appearance. Staining is not as different as painting since there is cleaning to remove dirt or if there is any rough spot and to make the stain highly absorbable. A roller is also required with staining, but it will only work on flat surfaces, but other spaces that are hidden or not exposed require the use of a sprayer to apply the stain completely.


The costs a veranda railing will incur will always come to mind. Before deciding if you want it, you will ask yourself if it is one you can afford and if it is a reasonable expense. The budget is crucial, but if safety is a priority, you can save enough to have a railing set in place. Always go the extra mile when it involves safety, and don’t always consider anything that is cheap to place on your property. Choose one that is affordable, simple, stylish, yet durable.

When setting veranda railings, you add value and should consider it an investment. You are not just investing in the quality but overseeing your family’s safety.


If you are not fond of having to clean repeatedly and may not have the budget to have it tended by a professional, you need to consider materials with a minimum requirement for upkeep. Choosing materials because of their appeal is not the only criterion for picking a railing. Maintenance is the key if you are expecting longevity. Before selecting a railing, ensure that you know how to maintain it, what techniques you need for cleaning, and if it requires regular painting. The charm of your railings depends on how much maintenance you are willing to extend to them. Some may corrode or rust eventually, and you need to be aware of the maintenance. Others require polishing or washing once in a while and some occasional painting.

Building Codes and the ADA Compliance

You must consider this and prioritize it when fixing a veranda railing. If you are unaware of the building codes, do your homework and know what is required. The materials, railing height, and design are critical. It is not just building codes you need to think of but also the government regulation requiring materials you use for railings to be safe and match the needs of those who are disabled.

An extremely high railing may not pass inspection, and these issues may fail the requirements. The height of the railing is critical as it may be unsafe for everyone, not just a child but adults as well.

Buy or have your railings fitted by a reputable company with years of experience and dedication to the service. It is best to search for a company that will not only provide you with the knowledge about the process but will also make you feel that you are getting your money’s worth. You will also have no problem with building codes and compliance, as such companies will ensure you are informed of the requirements beforehand. You need to acquire the service of a company that will not only provide you with the highest quality materials but are also committed to building and providing outdoor railings that will be enjoyed for many years.

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