Is a Leaky Faucet a Cause for Concern?


A dripping faucet can cause more damage than you would realize. The sink faucet keeps dripping, which can create wall damage, grow mold, and even spread infection from pests. You need to address this leaky faucet situation immediately to keep your kitchen safe and clean. If you are still not convinced about the damages it can create, let’s read about them below to reach out for some plumbing repair.

Rust Buildup

The water from the faucet can create a rust issue in the sink. You may see the round brown patch inside the sink or around the faucet, which is rust. It can damage the entire thing, and even the stone kitchen top may get damaged by it. It can create cracks in the sink, and you will have to invest in a new one.

Stains Around the Sink

Besides rust buildup, you will see hard-to-remove stains around and inside the sink. The buildup of water is the reason for this. You want your kitchen to stay spotless, but the leaky faucet can damage the scenario within seconds. You will notice the light orange colour stains inside the sink, and they can be hard to remove if you do not address the leak in time.

Wall & Countertop Damage

A leaking faucet will create damage to the adjacent wall and the countertop. The wall will get stained, and it will have mold. You will have difficulty repairing the wall because the paint will not last on the wet wall. You have to fix the leaking issue immediately. In addition, the clean countertop will get a yellow to orange stain, which can be very hard to clean. The best thing you can do is to opt for a plumbing repair and get it fixed as soon as possible. Once the issue is resolved, you can repair the other damages.

Mold Issue

Mold and mildew are a huge issue. You may have noticed it in the bathroom – the same can happen in your kitchen. The leaking water from the faucet creates mold on the wall and surrounding area. It can become a health issue, and if the utensils and kitchen appliances get in touch with it, you and your family can get sick. So, you need to address this problem immediately.

Water Wastage

Water is precious; many countries do not even get much of it because of its scarcity. So, when you have water in your household, you must try to save it as much as possible. But if the faucet leaks continuously, you must find a solution to stop this wastage. Opt for a plumbing repair to fix the faucet and ensure a solid solution. For this, you need to contact a reputed plumber.  Be sure to check out your options to select the right faucet.

Slippery Floors

When water leaks from the faucet, it flows over the floor, and you may slip over it at any time. Even if you do not have children at home to face this slippery floor risk, adults can always slip over the watery floor and break their hips. You are just in your prime years of youth, so it’s not the right time you break your hip, leg, or arm. So, to be safe, you must repair the leak. Besides physical damage, your floor will get damaged and have hard-to-remove stains. Even to your eyes, it will never look good when the guests are over. So, it’s important to take a step.

Pest Infestations

Pests like cockroaches and rats love to stay in dark, moldy places. So, do you want to rent your home to the pests and make them a safe home under the sink? If not, then you need to repair the faucet immediately. The pests can not only create damage and make the place dirty; they can affect your health. A kitchen should be safe, and you will fall sick almost every day when it gets infested with pests. To avoid such situations, you need to repair the faucet.

Avoid Expensive Water Bills

If you are still unbothered by the pest infestations because you love rats and are willing to adopt them as pets, you might not want to pay an expensive water bill. That’s because when you want a dozen pet rats in your home, you have to pay for their food and your livelihood. So, it may become hard to manage when you have to pay a costly water bill.

Leaky faucets can be a huge issue in any household. You need to repair this issue immediately before it creates greater damage. Go through the damages it can cost and decide to call a plumber.

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