How to know if you have the right water filter


Few things taste better than the fresh taste of clean water. Not only is such water soothing, it is also a huge boost to healthy living. It isn’t always fun having to buy bottled water every single day that passes. The same rigor applies to portable filter jugs. This explains why many families today are turning to refrigerator water filters.

The refrigerator water filter makes you hunger for the next sip based on the volume of refreshment such water promises. Perhaps you just came back from the deli and need a cool refreshment (also check out these deli cases for sale).  Tasting fresh and straight from the fridge, every water sip becomes an experience. The beauty of these water filters runs through their durability, efficiency to their ease of installation. Mainly these refrigerator water filters save you any plumbing hassle.

Your fingers are never going to be equal. In the same vein of inequality, all fridge water filters in the market wouldn’t be the same. They are the good, the bad, and the ugly.

However, here are some questions you should be asking to ascertain if you have got the right water filter.

How perfect is the water quality?

The quality of the water should take center stage when you are considering which water filter to procure. How pure would the water be? The right filter should not only give you water free of any contaminants or particulate.

It should also assure of expressly odorless drinking water. Top filters like the GE MWF water filters even go as far as filtering water off trace pharmaceuticals that would easily escape the generality of filters.

How about the ice?

You also have to pay attention to the ice emanating from your filter. The right filter should give ice that is odorless. The ice cubes should also be crystal clear. In the case of the contrary where your ice cubes have a questionable smell, you should know that is not the best water filter for you.

In conditions where you notice a weird formation of ice coming from the filter, take critical precautions without wasting any more time. Immediately discontinue drinking the water from the filter and find a replacement at once.

How is the indicator light and the dispenser speed?

It is essential to inspect the indicator light of your water filter. This attests to the optimal functionality of your filter. Most MWF water filters (just like many of the latest breed of water filters) are stocked with filter replacement indicators. This indicator lights up when your filter has exhausted its allocated life span and is thus due to be replaced.

You should also be keen on the dispenser speed. Is it working well? It is normal for refrigerator dispensers to be stuffed with debris and even mineral deposits. In that case, the dispenser speed of your filter becomes significantly reduced, taking longer time to fill your glass.

In the case where you can confirm that your refrigerator dispenser is clean yet the filter’s dispenser speed is worrisomely slow, get rid of it and replace it. The indicator lights must not come on before you know the bells for replacement are already ringing.

When it comes to drinking water, it is either it is perfect or undrinkable – no middle ground! Why risk your health and that of your loved ones drinking unsafe water?  Filter for Fridge’s water filters are NSF-certified taking healthiness and cleanliness to a core. Get a sip from these water filters, you will LOVE water!


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