Why You Should Use Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used before in a structure or to make furniture that has been repurposed and used for another purpose. Reclaimed wood has become very popular among homeowners, especially those who are renovating their homes.

Reclaimed wood brings character to a home. The different textures of the lumber all tell a different story that connects to history. Additionally, using reclaimed lumber connects you to nature. Overall, your home will have a unique look.

Reclaimed wood can be used to make beams or pillars, and also furniture pieces such as a reclaimed wood dining table, desks, and cabinets, among others. Besides its aesthetic value, below are some reasons why you should opt for reclaimed wood.

1. Eco-friendly

If you are an environmental enthusiast, chances are this is not the first time you hear about reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is recycled wood. If more people use recycled wood, then lee’s trees need to be cut, which helps maintain the forests which today, have few trees.

2. Durable

Reclaimed wood lasts long because it is originally good wood. Usually, it is treated with oils and waxes that maintain the natural look of the wood. If you use reclaimed wood for house flooring or buy reclaimed wood furniture, it will serve you for years to come, maybe even last for generations if it is well maintained. Another factor that makes reclaimed wood durable is that it was from before the 20th century when there was no air pollution.

3. Versatile

It is possible to put together reclaimed wood with other materials such as stainless steel, especially when it comes to furniture. Picture for a minute a reclaimed wood dining table with stainless steel legs as support. This combination will make your house look both rustic and modern.

You can also get reclaimed wood in wider planks than fresh or virgin wood. This is because old wood is stronger and more stable.

4. To preserve history

Reclaimed wood is sourced from a variety of places, including historical buildings and bridges. If you like history, then buying or using reclaimed wood is an excellent option for you. You might end up having a piece of American history in your house.

5. More stable

Reclaimed lumber is wood that has persevered different weather conditions. It has survived through several humidity changes throughout time. Old wood such as mangrove was also sourced from submerged forests, which makes it termite resistant and durable among other sustainable qualities.

6. Original and Unique

Unlike other wood products, old wood is not mass produced. If you are looking to get yourself a one-of-a-kind product, then you should go for reclaimed wood. There are no similar pieces when it comes to reclaimed wood so you can be assured of an original piece every time you purchase.

Today, some companies make custom reclaimed wood pieces for their customers. Dumond’s Furniture is one such company that will help you get a personalized piece of furniture for your home.

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