A revealing guide to concrete coloring for house owners


Take away beauty from the world, and then you have taken away life from it! There are very few places where beauty and artistic charm are more needed than in homes. More house owners today are choosing colored concrete for the beauty and vibe it brings to their property.

Decorating your house with colored concrete is not any easier either. There is a terrifying abundance of colors to choose from. A mistake in your choice of cornet color can blow up the whole project making even the most astonishing architectural masterpieces (in terms of your building proper) look appalling.  You will also want to make sure things are OK structurally by using a service like Advance Scanning Services.

Let us start by reminding you that there is a notable deviation between paint and concrete coloring. For the latter, they are produced and applied under stricter conditions. Your concrete color will always take some distortion from elements like the aggregate, gray cement, and the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

Reality will differ from the color chart

This is why the color you identify on your color chart will not absolutely match the resulting color on your finished concrete at the end of the day. Getting an exact match is a near impossible feat, given what is achievable in practice. In most cases, your concrete coloring comes out some shades lighter than the supposed color you aimed for on your color chart.

Go for complementing color combinations

It is a notorious ambition among house owners to have their concrete coloring completely match that of the main building in precision. From an artistic perspective, having that sort of color match isn’t the smartest of ideas.  What works much better is a complementing color combination between your concrete coloring and that of your home.

The ornamental purpose of your concrete coloring is better served when you choose a color that “agrees” with that of your home. Choosing the same color as your home for your concrete is a decorative blunder. Nothing less than a distasteful color exaggeration.

Do you want it darker or lighter?

You also have to ask yourself what the impact of weather would be on your concrete coloring. Primarily, what would be the effect of sunlight on it? The rules are quite simple. Lighter colors reflect sunlight while darker and thicker absorb it. Now, what would the implication?

Going with darker concrete color implies that your concrete would be unnervingly hot at intervals. This wouldn’t turn out the best for barefoot zones or those locations where you want to situate some lovely pool decks. You want to majestically stroll on your concrete rather than leap on it because it is too hot.

However, darker colors are not a complete no-no because of their solar absorbent capacity. They may be more suiting for your driveway, especially when the snow invades. Being hotter, you would expect they would perform better at melting the snow and ice. Also, darker concrete coloring is your reliable confidant at concealing stains resulting from oil drips and stains. So you see why they are a perfect match for your driveway.

Amplify the charm of your building with the best concrete coloring from Walttools. There you get treated to the best prices and fantastic concrete integral color, enjoying that dazzling home. Your home is your personal palace and shouldn’t be any less majestic.

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