How to Keep Your Knives Sharp Forever


Knives are one of the most important tools in every kitchen. Think about the vegetables that you have to chop and the other materials that you cut using these tools. You also need the same tool to slice foods such as meat before you enjoy that meal.

On the other hand, you may find yourself facing a hard time when these tools are blunt. You are also at a higher risk of suffering injuries when the knives are not sharp enough. The blades tend to become blunt from repeated usage, and it is nothing that you have to worry about. The following are some of the tips to keep them forever sharp:


This special tool is also known as sharpening stone or a diamond. There is the rough and the fine side. Sharpening the knife involves grinding it on the rough side and create a burr. You are supposed to grind the knife’s blade edge against the burr, approximately halfway through the blade. You can grind just one side of the blade if you want a one-sided edge.

On the other hand, you can grind two sides if you are looking for a symmetrical grind. You can then turn the stone to the finer side and smoothen out the burrs created on the blade. Make sure that the knife is smooth enough, and then turn on the other side. Your knife should be ready for use at this juncture.

Honing rod

Some set of knives come with a honing rod. However, if the manufacturer does not include it in your package, you can still get one. Also known as sharpening steel, the long metal stick-like device helps realign the metal on your knife without removing a larger chunk of metal from the blade. A honing rod resembles a short sword.

Hold the rod in your non-dominant hand and the knife in your dominant hand. You can then elevate the rod’s tip just above the handle and hold the knife at 20 degrees. You can then use your arm and wrist to move the knife across the tip of the rod. You can repeat the process on the bottom of the rod to make the sharpness even. Go slow when starting until you get the motion down. Six to eight revolutions will be enough before your knife is ready for use.

Cut on the Right Surfaces

Most of the knives are made to last. However, the cutting surface you expose to these knives will affect their sharpness and durability. Avoid direct cutting on hard or metal surfaces such as aluminum, granite, or stainless steel. You can cut on surfaces such as polyethylene, plastic, or wood, and your knives will just be fine. Invest in a cutting board made from the above materials, and your knives will be alright. However, this does not mean that such knives will not get blunt over time. The effectiveness of the knives will depend on the texture of the stuff that you are cutting.

Use your knife for the right purpose

A close look at your set of knives will indicate that there are different types of knives. These knives are designed to fulfill different needs. For instance, the knife you use for chopping vegetables should not be the same as cutting bread. Ensure that you read the users’ guide or look for information online to use different types of knives in your kitchen. You can as well get some of the basic knives in your kitchen, based on your needs.  Also be sure to check out options for the Best Bushcraft Knife as well.

Proper cleaning and storage

The way you clean and store your knives can make the difference. Throwing these tools into the dishwasher might seem like the easiest thing to do. However, the barrage of heat, detergent, and water is not that good for the blades. Take your time and clean your blades by hand and retain that sharpness.

You may have a common spot where you store all your spoons, knives, and other small tools in the kitchen. However, the contact between different metallic surfaces is not good for your blades. Ensure that you have a dedicated place where you store your knives. Make sure that you clean and dry these knives before storage.

Taking care of your kitchen tools and utensils should not be an afterthought if you want them to be efficient and durable. Getting a resource such as iTest might all that you need to ensure that you follow the best practices. You also need to know when you need to repair and replace some of the kitchen tools.


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