A Cheaper Alternative to Tree Removal


We all know that trees can make our environment beautiful. You will always come across campaigns that advise people to plant trees and increase the forest cover in the world. Trees are known to protect water catchment areas and ensure that there is good air circulation all over.

However, there comes a time when such trees can become a nuisance in our midst. Think about those overgrown branches that can fall anytime on your property and cause damage. What do many people do when faced with such a nightmare? They most likely search for a trusted tree service company. But is it always necessary?

Disadvantages of tree removal

Damaged ecosystem

The natural ecosystem is very complex, and every organism (living and non-living) has a role to play. There will be a disruption the moment you remove that tree from the ecosystem. Birds, insects, and other types of wildlife call such trees home, and the moment you remove the tree, you have disrupted their natural habitat. Some people can provide alternative homes for birds, such as small wooden structures or bird-feeders. However, some organisms will always run away when you come near them. It even gets harder when dealing with insects.


Know that the step is irreversible the moment you decide to remove that tree. It is not like when you cut down shrubs that may grow back after some time. Tree removal should thus be a well-thought decision, carefully considered and informed before its finality. Be ready to evaluate other viable options if you are unsure if this is the route you want to take.

Loss of beauty

You may feel that your home is bare the moment you build a new home. Planting trees is one of the approaches to beautify that property, increase its value, and make it more attractive. However, when you decide to take down that tree, then beauty is no longer there. Cutting down that tree removes the aesthetic value that they add to the property.

As you can already see, tree removal comes with multiple disadvantages. The process can also be expensive, especially if you are low on cash. So, what is the way forward? Do you let those overgrown branches to continue posing threats to your entire property? No, you should not. Tree trimming will be the solution that you need to fix the mess on your property.

Why tree trimming?

Remove dead branches

A tree in your backyard can have some branches that are dead or diseased. You may not have to cut down the entire tree due to such mishaps. Pruning makes it easy to prevent the spread of the disease to other parts of the tree. Such branches can also fall on your property, and pruning them protects you from unseen danger. Experts at tree trimming johns creek will evaluate the tree’s damage before deciding on the areas that need pruning. Such experts can also institute preventive measures to avoid further damage.

Improves the health of the tree

Having to do away with an entire tree just because of one invested branch does not seem to make sense. Some of the branches can also suppress the growth of these trees, making the growth uneven. Some of the branches will sprout off in strange directions and lead to uneven growth. Getting rid of such branches might all that you need instead of removing the entire tree.

Makes your home attractive

You may have planted the trees to make your home attractive. However, with time the overgrown branches may have replaced the natural aesthetic, making your home unattractive. You may not want to make your home feel ‘naked’, but the trees do not look so good on this property. Tree trimming will help you get that look that you love.  Services such as New Smyrna tree removal by experts can be of great assistance.

Makes your home safer

Those infected and overgrown branches can be a disaster in waiting. The infestation might attract some dangerous insects that may cause various diseases in your home. The branches can also fall on your property and cause damage. Trimming and pruning such branches before getting out of hand is the secret pill towards having a safer home. You do not have to wait until disaster strikes to take action.

You do not have to let those overgrown bushes and branches on your tree to remain there forever. The dangers from such branches are many, but you do not have to go through tree felling altogether. Tree trimming is thus a cheaper alternative to tree removal, and you still stand to get loads of benefits.

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