How Often You Should Clean Your Windows And How Do You Clean Them?

When it comes to cleaning your home or your business, one of the last things that you consider are the windows. If you are in an office, you might be lucky if there already is a cleaning service set up for you. If not, how should you go about having your windows cleaned and how often should they be cleaned?

Generally it is recommended that you clean your windows once every month or two. If you live out in a forest region or one where dirt gets on your windows often, you should definitely be attempting to clean it once a month. The next question is, how should you go about cleaning your windows? Believe it or not, there are a few things to be careful about when working with windows and glass. Here are some important tips you should know when it comes to window cleaning.

Use The Right Products When You Clean

When it comes to cleaning windows, you want to make sure that you have the right product for the right job. Sure you can use water, but when it comes to giving a good clean, you need a little more. Certain soaps can also be damaging to glass, so you have to be careful what you use. That is why experts recommend you shop around for proper window cleaners that will get the job done. Some of these cleaners will not only give them that sparkle and shine that you are looking for, but can also form a protective layer on the window, helping to stay cleaner for a longer period. If you want to give your windows the shine and clean you want, ensure you are using the right product for the job.

Wipe Down the Window Beforehand

Before you start to clean the window however, you have to remove dust from the surface. Spraying your cleaning solutions onto a window that has dust on it can cause the dust to attach itself to the window, making it very difficult to get the clean that you want. Grab yourself a microfiber cloth and give it a nice rub beforehand, taking off any loose dirt particles and dust. Once that is done, feel free to grab your solution and give it a good spray.

Use a Microfiber Cloth When Cleaning and Drying

When it comes to actually cleaning the window, you want to make sure that you are using the right cloth for the job. Glass can scratch easily, especially if you are using a cloth that isn’t meant for it. Grabbing a microfiber cloth will make sure that you don’t chip or scratch the glass when you are working with it. This goes for both applying the solution to the window and drying it off after. Use two different cloths and ensure both are the proper material when working with windows.

Give It A Good Rinse

Once you have applied the solution and then wiped it off, give the window a good rinse down with some water. What does this do? If there are any streaks on the window, it can get them off it, leaving the window shining. Along with that, there might be a bit of the chemical solution left on the window as well. This isn’t much of a problem, but it can slightly smudge the window. Grabbing a hose and giving the window a good spraydown is always recommended.

Clean the Inside and Outside

In order to ensure that you have a clean window, you have to clean both the inside and outside of the window. Although, if your windows are located at a decent height, you don’t need to risk it. Instead, call the unmatched window cleaning Toronto professionals to help you. The outside will generally be more dirty, but that doesn’t mean the inside won’t have its fair share of issues also. If you have cleaned the outside but are noticing the window still doesn’t look completely clean, it means you have to give the inside a good scrub. Grab your solution, wipe the window down, and clean it the same way you would on the outside. When working with the window on the inside, be more careful as you don’t want to make a mess and get water everywhere. The job is only half done if you have cleaned the outside of the window.

These are all tips necessary for giving your windows a good cleaning and shine. As mentioned, windows should be cleaned at least every month or two depending on how much dirt they are accumulating. A good looking window can make a house look that much better and can also improve your view from the inside. Take the time to give them a good clean, you won’t regret it.