Quirky ways of decorating your home with rugs


Commonly used to add warmth and comfort, rugs are an easy way to inject character and style into any home.

High-quality designer rugs are an investment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Here are some ideas for decorating homes with rugs in unique and unexpected ways.

Make a statement

There’s no doubt rugs can make a room feel more comfortable, but they can also be used to make a statement. Check out here the best area rugs lancaster pa.

If your home design is quite neutral, use a rug to add a pop of colour without the need to paint walls or invest in a colourful couch that may not suit your style in a few months. what about the colour of the rug, will that not be suitable in a few months?  Maybe not the best suggestion

Rugs can create a huge impact, showing off your personality and adding texture and detail to any space. Whether you prefer a patterned rug or a bold block-colour, a rug allows you to embrace an eclectic style in your home.

You can use it as the starting point to your decorative scheme, using colours and tones of the rug to match with other pieces of furniture or furnishings. If the rest of your home decor follows a more neutral tone, a rug will give the room an instant injection of colour that you can easily put into another room later if your style changes. It’s a big investment, shouldn’t be talking about changing it when your tastes change….

With so many beautiful rugs in Australia, choosing a boldly patterned rug can act as a defining feature in your home.

Layer them up

Who says you can only use one rug per room? Try creating a unique look by layering rugs on top of each other.

The key to making this work is to mix and match rug sizes, styles, materials and colours.

Layering rugs allows you to maximise their use and get creative. If you have a smaller rug that doesn’t quite fit the space, instead of throwing it away, why not try layering it over a bigger rug?

Choose a larger rug in a single plain colour to layer on the bottom so you’re not covering up a stylish detailed print, then choose a smaller rug with a different texture, featuring a more decorative design on top to create some interesting dimension.

If you have a large rug that covers the floor of a big open space, layering smaller rugs on top can help create separation of seating areas. Using smaller rugs with a print or a unique texture on top creates a focal point in the room.

This styling technique allows you to play with colour and bring individuality to every space.

Put them in unexpected rooms

Rugs do not need to be limited to living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Using outdoor rugs in unexpected rooms can add a touch of elegance throughout your home.

While they may not be rooms in which people typically use rugs, the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and laundry are all places where a rug can add a stylish touch. These rooms are often smaller spaces within the home, so look for smaller rugs or different shapes to fit these spaces better.

For kitchens and dining rooms, look for rugs made from materials that are easy to clean and maintain. You might also want to choose a patterned rug rather than anything light coloured, as this will help hide accidental spills.

Swap out your bath mat with a small rug for something more stylish in the bathroom. Look for natural fibres that will hold up well in a damp, humid environment. A designer rug can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom, and if you buy a high-quality rug, it should hold up well against a few drops of water.

Hang it up

Rugs can be stunning pieces of art, so why not put them on display? Hanging a rug on a wall is a unique way to use a rug to add style to your home.

Hanging a rug on the wall makes it more of a feature in your home, and is a creative way of adding texture to a room. Featuring handwoven designs, stylish designer rugs can work just as well on your walls as any other piece of art for an unconventional look.

If you have a rug you love or has special meaning for you, hanging it up can also give it a longer life, as it will be exposed to less wear and tear from being on the floor.

Just be careful with the type of rug you use, however, as some may be too heavy and require additional hanging support.

Hanging up a rug is a great way to preserve an old favourite or make use of a beautiful new rug if you’ve run out of floor space.

There are numerous rugs for sale to suit all styles and decorating techniques. Next time you fall in love with a new rug, think of quirky and creative ways you can use it to add style to your home.

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