Decorate your bathroom like a luxury hotel


Decorating a bathroom is not cheap. A bathroom says a lot about your home and you. With good decoration, you can make your bathroom look much like that of a luxury hotel. Having a beautiful bathroom creates a presumption in others that you have an expensive apartment. There are many options in your hand.

You are limited only by your imagination when trying to decorate your bathroom. If the price is not a big deal for you, you can go crazy with your ideas. From plants to unique lighting styles and sitting perch of varying tastes.

So how do you decorate your bathroom like a luxurious hotel?

Add a sitting area

All luxurious bathrooms come equipped with a seating of some sort-be it a normal stool, a tufted ottoman or a garden stool. The appearance of raw wood and soft upholstery adds extra layers of beauty and aesthetics to the bathroom. Choose the best perching equipment suiting to your bathroom’s appearance.

Add an air purifying plant

You can opt for an air-purifying plant that lives well in humidity while choosing a plant for your bathroom. It will add freshness and a refreshing element to your bathing place. It’s nice to look at and adds good contrast.

Change the mat

A dirty bath mat is an instant downer for anybody looking for a beautiful luxury bathroom. Make sure to swap out the mat with a fresh-looking mat that complements the bathroom. The fanciest bathrooms around the world take extra steps in replacing terry mats with Persian rugs and Turkish rugs.

Having a good pattern in the bathroom mat adds a layer of artistic element to your bathroom. These kinds of rugs do cost a little extra money but the bathroom space isn’t usually that big to cause you any bankruptcy owning a decent rug.

Implement signs and logos

Logos and monograms are classic signs that are present in every fancy bathroom. Bath towels with monograms are a no-brainer. You can put them in the hand towels, tissue boxes powder room and chairs. It adds dimensions and practicality to your decisions.

Get a tasteful mirror

It’s sad to see how many people just settle for contractor-grade mirrors. Picking a mirror with some personality will make your bathroom look totally different to you and to an outsider. Look for interesting shapes that will fit in your bathroom and use less space if possible.

That’s the quirk of good mirrors, they validate your bathroom space instead of occupying them.

Get the right towels

What does every luxury bathroom in hotels have in common? Take a guess.

Luxurious, big, heavy, soft and fluffy towels. Luxury towels, they somehow smell good too. It has a lot to go with the rest of the bathroom setup that you get the amazing smell. Adding a luxurious hand towel is also a necessary step at insuring the luxurious vibe.

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