Converting a Garage to a Living Area

converting a garage to a living area

Whether it is attached to the house or detached from it, a garage can be a great extension to your home. You can convert it into an additional living room, a kitchen, a study or office room, a playroom, an audio-visual room, or anything that you may want your garage to turn … Read more

Increase Space in Your Garage with Suitable Garage Floors

Garage Floors

A garage is not just a space for parking cars but can be a very convenient room for everyone in the family. This is where you store large items until they’re needed, such as barbeque grills, luggage, and bicycles.  Many people also have a certain area within the garage for their workshop, … Read more

Using the Garage as a Man Cave

using the garage as a man c

Defining a man cave Converting a garage into a “man cave” is definitely less expensive and less time-consuming than building a new addition to your house. Whether your garage is connected to your home or is detached, many men find their own space as “therapeutic” and find the freedom to do such … Read more

Lighting for Your Garage

Lighting to Your Garage

Garages today are not simply spaces to park your car inside when you’re not using it. They have become important extensions of your living spaces. And because garages are considered essential to every household, companies have been manufacturing products that are aimed for the garage, from lighting fixtures down to the flooring. … Read more