5 Tricks for Decorating Your Dorm Room


For a lot of people, living in a small space with another person is part of their college experience. However, not everyone goes through that. It’s because there are some students you choose to stay in single rooms or get apartments during their college years. If you will be going to college soon or returning back to college after a vacation, and you live in a dorm room by yourself, maybe you’re thinking of decorating it or maybe rearranging it to make the room look more inviting.

Living in a dorm room alone might be lonely for some, but it can also be fun because you can decorate it in any way you want. You can freely choose different themes for your room, and place whatever things or decoration you want, without asking for permission to a roommate. If you are planning to decorate your dorm room, then we are here to help give you ideas. Today, we are giving you five tricks for decorating your dorm room.

1. Integrate Plants in Your Dorm Room

Integrate Plants in Your Dorm Room

Plants are one of the best decorations that you can put inside your dorm room, especially when your college or school experiences winter so bad. It’s because having plants inside the room can be very refreshing. However, it can also be challenging to take care of live plants, especially when you have a busy schedule in college. If this is the case, then you can opt to decorate your dorm room with fake plants instead as they can give the same effects as brightening up your room and making it feel extra homey.

2. Make Your Dorm Room Comfortable

Make Your Dorm Room Comfortable

When decorating your dorm room, comfort should always be in your mind. Yes, it’s important to consider aesthetic, but when decorating, make sure that you are also comfortable with the style of your room. Keep in mind that you will be living in that room for a whole year. Therefore, try to put a comfortable bed in there, and as well as a calm arrangement that will allow you to destress after a long day of going from one class to another.

Having a couch or sofa in your dorm room is also a good idea and can add comfort as well. It is also helpful when a classmate or a friend comes over because it will give them a space to sit on, instead of letting them sit on your bed. When decorating your dorm room, choose things and decorative pieces that will add comfort.

3. Place a Study Area and Keep it Organized

Study area in a dorm room

When decorating or styling your dorm room, it’s important to have a study area in there where you can read your lessons and do tasks on your computer. It can be as simple as a table and a chair in the corner of the room. You can hang frames and other decorative pieces above it to make that spot look more alive.

You can also decorate the wall by your study area with sticky notes that contain reminders and as well as lists of useful contacts and email addresses that you might need. For example, if you need help with assignment writing in the UK, you can write the email address of an assignment writing service on a sticky note, stick it on the wall above your desk, and easily reach out to them. The same goes for other useful contacts, like numbers of your family members, classmates, and more. This will make your study area more colorful.

Make sure that you always keep this part of the room organized, as it will help you concentrate, especially when you’re working on some homework or studying for tests. Plus, it will make your dorm room look more beautiful.

4. Put Some Fun Lighting in Your Dorm Room

One of the very important aspects of any room is lighting. It’s because it can help set the mood for different times of your life or different moods that you have. For example, there’s lighting that is very helpful when you’re studying, and there’s also lighting that can make you feel relaxed before going to bed.

If you want to add mood lighting into your room, then using string lights are perfect. Plus, they are also easy to use and to decorate with. You’ll be able to find string lights at any store and even online. Aside from string lights, you can also place other kinds of lighting in your dorm room, such as lamps and other decorative lights.

5. Make Sure That You Have Enough Storage

Having enough storage in your dorm room is important. However, not all dorms will allow you to drill holes into the wall to hang shelves. Therefore, you can also decorate your room with an open cube storage set where you can display frames, travel trinkets, or other collections. You can also choose one that has slide-out drawers where you can keep blankets, chargers and cables, and other things that are not very pretty to look at when kept lying around the room.

Having a cabinet or a shelf set can also create a perfect space for adding a TV in your dorm room. This will make your room more relaxing, especially during weekends, where you just lie on the bed and be cozy while watching your favorite movies or series.

These are the five tricks we can share about decorating your dorm room. We hope these ideas will help you in making your dorm room look more comfortable and feel cozy all throughout the school year.

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