A Guide to Breathtaking Interior Decor Ideas for Your College Dorm

It’s one thing to be accepted into the college of your dreams, it’s an entirely different thing to find a conducive apartment to stay during college. Moreover, even when you do, decorating your dorm room can feel like a thesis for a Ph.D. degree. Not to worry, it’s not mandatory to hire help from a professional interior decorator to get the job done.

With the right tips and suggestions, you can get your dormitory room decorated to your taste and preference. The tips in this guide are carefully curated from different professional perspectives to ensure you have practical solutions to your college decorating problems. So please sit back, kick off your loafers, and relax as we give you the best decorating ideas for your college dorm.

Decorating Tips

If you have ever lived in a college dorm, then you can understand the challenges of decorating a small spaced room, especially rooms that are meant to be multi-functional. This is typical of the University of Florida dorms. A place where you can eat, sleep and entertain guests.

The problem is all the more compounded when you add a roommate into the mix. This is because you would have to think of creating just enough space for personal use, while not sending roommate packing.

In the not-so-distant past, the main dorm idea was exclusive to rock posters, and comfy throw-down chairs with a small wooden bureau for academic materials. However, in this tech-savvy world, there are way more needs than meets the eye, at least for an average college student. Some of the design requirements to consider before decorating include:


You have to be honest with yourself to understand the function of your dorm room. If you’re going to spend a significant amount of your time within the confines of the hostel, then you have to ensure your dorm room is as comfy as you can make it. On the other hand, if it’s only for resting your head at night, then there are lesser details to worry about.


Your bed is the single most important furniture in your dorm room. The decor of your room is centered around the theme of your bed. The bed must align and flow with the other room elements to ensure your design style stands out.


The color of your walls has to be a reflection of who you are as a person. That being said, it’s essential to use bright colors because they are one of the first things that impress your guests. Choose colors that work with the design theme, especially if they are your favorite colors.


Your new hostel room may come with a few standard accessories, but this culture differs from college to college, and campus to campus. Some University of Florida dorms usually come with a few accessories or more. If you’re out of luck, then you might just be fortunate in hindsight because this gives you the opportunity to source for quality materials that reflect your personality.

Once you have a checklist of what to do, use this guide as a design blueprint to ensure your dorm room is stylish from your first day. Remember to redecorate your dorm as the years go by to retain its contemporary appeal throughout your college years.

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