Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Quality Furniture with These Tips


When buying furniture, it’s important to look beyond the price tag. Sometimes, lower-priced furniture can last much longer and be more comfortable than furniture that breaks the bank. Before you go furniture shopping, learn to spot the difference between good and bad quality furniture.

Remember, good quality wooden furniture is never constructed entirely out of plywood. It’s either made of solid wood or has several layers of lower quality wood in the construction.

Veneers are an inexpensive wood base covered with better quality wood while particle boards are cheap pieces made of pulp, plastics and resin. Veneers and particle boards may look attractive but may not last long. Also, watch out for knots. Good furniture will rarely have knots because knots can crack easily.

The construction of your furniture is especially important. The best way to check the quality of the construction is to look at the joints. Joints should be screwed or dowelled, with reinforced blocks attached at the corners. Skip the furniture if the joints are glued, nailed, or stapled.

The best furniture will always stand evenly on the floor without creaking or twisting. Furniture legs should be heavy and jointed to the frame. If a piece you like has springs, then make sure that they spring back into place immediately after being pushed in.

While coil, cone and grid springs are all good components for seating, the best wayto test a sofa is by sitting on it.If the sofa sinks too much, then it may have a manufacturing defect. Another option is to remove the seat cushions, push down on the frame and test the response to some pressure. If the springs don’t bounce back fast enough, then you should move on.

Good quality wooden furniture should also be reasonably resistant to scratches. You can testa display piece by scratching a tiny corner with your fingernail to see if it leaves a mark.

When looking at drawers, make sure that there are thin dust panels to add structural strength to the furniture. Next, see if the drawers pull out and go back in smoothly. Remember, well-constructed drawers will rest on metal glide rails and have bottoms that move in a groove. Finally, check the handles and knobs to make sure they don’t move and are tightly secured.

If you are buying a sofa or a couch, then check the density of the foam. It should be 1.8 pounds or higher and the foam block should be wrapped in fibre. Meanwhile, the cushions should have internal compartments that prevent the fill from settling.

A high-quality sofa should use the same fabric throughout the piece’s upholstery. Cheaper sofas are often made with better materials on top and poorer materials where the eyes are less likely to see.

If these tips seem like too much effort, then the best way to find high-quality furniture is to shop from a reliable furniture store. For example, you can buy excellent furniture at affordable prices from with your eyes closed. Their items are trendy, long-lasting, and incredibly popular.

The best part is that they will ship to almost anywhere in the vicinity. Not only can you select get great products from the comfort of your home when you buy from them but you can also save money on gas.

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