5 Signs Your Roof Is On The Verge Of Collapse

Roofs play an interesting and important role. Roofs protect the building from the effects of inclement weather, add value, and improve a property’s aesthetic appeal. However, like most things, roofs deteriorate over time. There are several contributing factors to roof deterioration, and that is why you should pay attention to your roof and its health.

Damaged roofs are a risk to both the property owner and those in surrounding areas. Noticing roofing problems early and addressing them can help prevent the associated dangers. But how can you tell when your roof is on the verge of collapse? KVN Construction, a top roofing company, takes us through the common signs of roof collapse.

Sagging roof

A sagging roof is one of the commonest signs of an expired or damaged roof. Roof sags may be caused by various factors, including problems with the roof’s supporting structure. When a roof appears saggy, it indicates a disaster waiting to happen and should be addressed as fast as possible. Roofing contractors are familiar with this type of roof problem and can address it either by removing the roof or by addressing the excess strain that has caused the problem.

Cracks in the walls and ceilings

Walls are important to the structure and integrity of the roof. The roof rafts are attached to walls as supporting structures to prevent roof damages during the roof installation. Any problem affecting the walls can have a rebound effect on the roof. Problems like cracks should not be overlooked. Cracked walls may compromise the effectiveness of the roof attachment and may leave your home exposed during heavy winds.

On the other hand, cracks in the walls and ceilings may indicate excessive strain on your walls. The excessive strain may result from poor building materials or improperly installed roofing. When you notice cracks in your walls and ceilings, it is best to contact your building contractor and roofer to have a look at the problem before things get ugly.

Warped doors and window frames

Another common sign of roof collapse is warped doors and window frames. If you are suddenly having difficulties closing doors in your home or you are finding it difficult to close your windows, a problem may be brewing. Roofs on the verge of collapsing often sag, which puts pressure on the doors and window frames, thus making them appear weird and warped. You should reach out to a roofing company as fast as possible if you are experiencing this problem in your home.

Audible warning signs

When you pay attention to your roof, you can hear audible sounds as it contracts and expands during hot summer days. With a little more attention, you may also be able to pick up on the audible warning signs of an impending collapse. Roofs do not collapse without giving adequate signals. It may be worth investigating if you have noticed unusual creaks and cracks or other related sounds from your roof.

Weather damage

Another important sign that your roof may be on the verge of collapse is weather damage. Weather damages could be a result of any of the weather elements, including rain, ice, snow, and sun. Sun delivers powerful thermal heat that can expand and contract your roofing material. The sun also has an abundance of UV rays that can weaken and damage your roofing material. Other weather elements like rain can penetrate your roofing material into its underlayer. When this happens, mold and mildew grow in addition to water damage. Snow and ice can also cause ice dams that can lead to roof rot. All of these can compromise your roof’s health and cause it to collapse.

What to do if you notice these warning signs?

If you have noticed any or a combination of the above-mentioned signs, the best step to take is to contact your roofer. Your roofer can address this problem through the following services:

Roof repair

Roofers are experienced in all areas of roof repair and inspection. When any of the signs of roof collapse is noticed, they can offer roof inspections to determine the problem and repair the affected parts based on their inspection report.

Roof replacement

Sometimes it is best to replace a roof that is on the verge of collapse to prevent future problems. Experienced roofing companies can deliver quality roof replacement services while walking the customer through the different roofing material options and their benefits.

Roof maintenance

At the end of the roof repair or replacement project, roofing companies can also offer periodic maintenance services to ensure a longer-lasting roof.

Prevent the safety risks associated with roof collapse by knowing the signs to look for and what to do to remedy the situation.