Five Reasons to Take the Official Pool Safely Pledge


Whether you currently own a backyard pool or are looking into purchasing one soon, the Official Pool Safely Pledge provides some helpful guidance and helps keep your family safe this summer. The Official Pool Safely Pledge outlines five simple actions that everyone can take to make their pools safer, from regularly checking chlorine levels to using safety covers on small children’s pools. These small changes can significantly impact how safe your swimming experience is! The next time you’re planning an afternoon by the pool, take the Official Pool Safely Pledge and share it with a family member today. And don’t forget to tap expert professionals to do pool inspections to make sure your pool meets all the safety standards.

The Pledge helps make swimming safer

Aimed at teaching children how to swim safely and making pools safer for everyone, the Official Pool Safely Pledge is designed around making sure you are actively engaged in creating a safer environment. One of the most important steps in keeping your pool safe is to make sure you understand what the pledge stands for. The pledge’s underlying principle is a commitment to safety, and its goal is to create a safer environment for swimmers across Australia.

The pledge outlines five key areas that contribute towards a responsibility-driven approach to swimming pool management, including education, signage, behavior management, supervision, and more.

By signing up for this pledge today, you’re committing yourself to ensure your pool meets these standards when it comes time for inspection from Safe Pools Australia or other authorities. This ensures that everyone has an enjoyable swim – without any worries about safety! Let’s take the Official Pool Safely Pledge together!

Pledge to designate a water watcher

Pool safety for many people is difficult. Sometimes the children are under close supervision while you’re watching them in the pool, but other times they have free range of the pool. What if something happens? You can help by pledging to designate a water watcher so that someone will always be present when children are in the pool. Making sure there’s someone responsible for supervising kids’ aquatic activities is one of the most important things you can do as a parent, guardian, or pool owner. This pledge helps ensure that no accidents happen and reinforces how kids should use swimming pools safely and responsibly.

Meanwhile, to avoid problems that may hinder you from getting a pool safety certificate, ask help from this reputable pool safety inspector.

Swim lessons for infants

The Pool Safely Pledge helps parents prepare their children for safe swimming from an early age by encouraging parents to get their kids comfortable with water and teaching them basic skills such as how to survive in the event of a pool accident or drowning before they learn more advanced techniques like backstroke or breaststroke.

CPR and first aid classes are vital skills

Learning CPR and first aid skills can be a life-saving decision for both parents and children. These classes provide the knowledge and training to respond when emergencies happen and take decisive action to save lives. These courses teach you to help when someone has an emergency or injury that requires immediate attention before first responders arrive on the scene. Whether you’re babysitting or watching your children at the pool, you can save lives by knowing how to respond when something goes wrong.

Pledge to remove potentially hazardous items from your pool area

Many dangers lurk around the pool area. One of the most common hazards is a portable ladder, which can be used as an easy way for curious children to access the water. By pledging, you’re making sure that there are no hazardous items left lying around that could end up being fatal if they were not dealt with beforehand.

Pool safety features

The last part of the pledge asks whether you have the appropriate pool safety measures in place, such as anti-entrapment drain covers. They’re made to avoid creating a seal that would trap a body against them. Check for holes or clips in your drains and intakes; make sure they won’t catch loose hair or swimsuits.

If you pledge to create a safer environment for your pool, it may be easier to avoid accidents and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable swim. If you’re unsure how to implement these principles or want help to establish better safety measures in your pool area, contact experts who can help you learn how to create a safer environment for your kids and everyone who attends your pool. By signing up for this pledge today, you’re committing yourself to ensure your pool meets these standards.


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