Building a Home Gym? Read This First!


If you want to have a workout and stay fit, one of the best ways for you to do those is by simply going to the gym and using different pieces of fitness equipment. However, there would be times where you won’t have the time to go to the gym, even if you really just want to get a quick workout. For that dilemma, you may have to build or set up a home gym.

A home gym may look easy to set up at first glance if you have the budget, but there are different aspects of building it that are complex or are often forgotten by people that want to have it in their house. If you are currently planning on building a home gym with the best home treadmill and other exercise equipment, here are some tips and ideas that you need to know to have a more convenient time setting up the perfect home gym for you.

Search for the Perfect Place to Set Up the Home Gym

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The first thing that you need to plan out before building a gym at home is to search for the perfect place to set up the gym. Most people would recommend building the gym in a spacious area in the home, like the basement, although some would want to keep the gym in a smaller area like the garage. The area where you will place the home gym would depend on whether you would like it small or spacious, although we suggest keeping it small at first so that you will have a much easier time setting and cleaning it up before and after use.

Make the Walls into Storage Spaces

Placing large lockers and storage cabinets on the home gym can take too much space, so if you want to store as many pieces of gym equipment as possible but still make the area spacious, you have the option to transform some of the walls of the home into storage spaces. You can set up shelves and racks on the top portion of the walls so that you can store items without taking too much space at the walls’ bottom portion, where you would usually set up free-standing punching bags, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. In addition, you can also install small cabinets where you can place smaller fitness items that can easily get lost.

Install Rubber Flooring


To avoid damage and unnecessary noise caused by dumbbells and barbells falling on the floor, you will need to install rubber flooring on your home gym. When you walk inside a legitimate gym, you will notice that the floor is soft and squishy, and the reason is that it minimizes the damage taken by the floor due to the heaviness of several pieces of gym equipment that could fall down on the flooring. To achieve a professional look for your home gym while also maintaining cleanliness, consider installing good quality rubber flooring.

Get Some Mirrors

If you are going to follow certain workout videos, you may need to install some mirrors on the home gym so that you can see if you are actually doing the exercise forms right. The mirrors can also help you easily see the improvements that you worked out over the days, weeks, or months of exercise. In addition, if you want to learn how to dance certain moves or an entire routine, you should get a mirror so that you will also know if you are doing the moves properly.

Get a TV

Speaking of workout videos, you should get a TV for your home gym so that you can follow the workout routines in real-time instead of memorizing them, which can be difficult if you are trying to focus on how you can properly mimic the form or move. Furthermore, if you don’t want to get bored while using the treadmill or the exercise bike, you can turn on the TV and just watch movies, TV shows, or videos that you are interested in. If there isn’t any space on the home gym to place a TV rack, you can just install it on the wall using a TV wall mount.

Purchase Bumper Plates

Instead of buying the regular iron plates that cause too much noise at home, you should get bumper plates, which are specifically made to be dropped since these are the ones that are used by professional weightlifters that drop their barbell after a rep. The great thing about bumper plates is that they make less noise, so they are perfect for home use since they won’t scare or annoy your family or housemates. Moreover, the bumper plates are also more durable than iron plates since the weight is evenly distributed for each plate, so they are less likely to crack.

Make the Gym Lively With Music

If you want to make the home gym lively, you may need to get some speakers so that you will be able to play music in the room. It is no secret that many fitness geeks and athletes listen to music whenever they are working out, and you should too by having speakers in your home gym. Of course, if you want to minimize the noise in the house, you should just get wireless earphones so that you can listen to music by yourself without distracting anyone at home or in the neighborhood.

Keep the Center of the Home Gym Empty

In order for you to get access to all pieces of equipment in the home gym, you will need to keep the center of the room empty, which is usually the general rule for designing or setting up different types of rooms or areas. Don’t fill your home gym with too much stuff, and keep it as tidy as possible so that you will have a much more convenient and comfortable time using different exercise machines and workout items.

And, these are the tips that we hope could help you in setting up the best and most suitable gym for your home. Once you have set up the home gym, you should invite your friends or loved ones for a workout so that you can enjoy exercising and staying fit better at home.

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